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How to win clients for your DNN based web design business
General Damir Kapustic

How to win clients for your DNN based web design business

Several of our clients have complained to us that they find it difficult to find new clients for their web design business. We decided to share our very successful formula for winning clients for our web design agency that uses DNN over other agencies that offer WordPress, Wix, and others.

You may not be familiar with it, but before we became a DNN theme and module vendor, we were successful as a web design agency in our local market. Over time, our focus has been more on DNN modules and themes, so we were not so active in looking for new clients for our web design business. We primarily worked with our old clients and those who came to us on recommendation. Then we realized that we developed really great DNN products and by using them we can be faster, more productive and more favorable than our competition, so we can handle more clients.

We have devised a strategy that works very well for us in finding new clients for our web design agency. Our rivals offer web development based on platforms like WordPress, Drupal and other popular platforms. We offer solutions based on DNN and as of now we have had lots of success. We win a project in 9 out of 10 cases when we get a chance to give a presentation.

You may wonder what kind of perfect presentation we have that proves DNN is much better than WP and others. Yes, we have a great presentation, but in our presentation we hardly mention DNN or compare it with other CMSs.

Think about what your potential clients actually want. Are they buying a superior CMS or maybe a technically perfect website? No. They want the same as you: to win new clients or sell their products thanks to their website. In other words, they want to take advantage from their website. If you want to win customers, offer them what they really need.

We are probably some of the biggest DNN CMS fanatics. We are very familiar with it and we could talk to clients about it for hours. But we don’t do that at all. So what are do we talk about with our potential clients then? Here’s what.

We first explain that not all websites are equally successful and that there are multitude of websites on the Internet that seem nice and modern, but are not successful in attracting new clients and customers. Then we explain them all that is required to make a great website that will be successful.

These are the main topics that we discuss with our potential clients:

  • Sales funnel – AIDA model (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Website structure - how to structure a website for good SEO, easy navigation and a successful sales funnel
  • Conversion - what it is and how to increase it
  • Call-to-action buttons - why they are important and where to add them
  • Copywriting - techniques that successfully convince site visitors to become your customers
  • The role and importance of a website for overall online presence
  • Internet advertising - Facebook and Google ads
  • Remarketing - Google and Facebook
  • Email marketing - how to get site visitors to subscribe
  • The importance of writing blogs for good SEO and your reputation as an expert in your field
  • Website analytics - Google Analytics
  • Website security

If you are not familiar with all these topics, we would recommend that you study them, because understanding these topics is essential for developing really successful web sites.

Finally, we explain to the potential clients that DNN is an ideal platform for implementing a web site that will address all of the topics mentioned.

Depending on how much time is available, our presentation is scheduled to last 60 to 90 minutes. Some of our clients have been so interested that they kept us for over 4 hours. We study our client web presence first and then tailor our presentation for them.

We would also recommend writing a series of blog articles about the topics that we’ve mentioned. During the meeting you can always advise customers to read more on your blog. We advertise our blog articles on Facebook and target people that may be interested in our services. These have been very successful tactics.

We hope that our strategy will work for you as well. Lots of small businesses need trusted advisors to guide them and help them learn how to get the most out of their Internet presence.

Winning a project is just the beginning. Now you need to deliver a well-done project on time. We recommend that you take a look at everything that EasyDNN Theme and Module Collection has to offer.

The collection now contains as many as 10 professional DNN themes, eight of our very useful DNN modules and tools, like BlockBuilder and StyleWizard, that will save you a lots of time and make your work much easier. You can create a copy of the demo site of every one of our DNN themes in just about 10 minutes (step-by-step instructions available), so you don’t need to start your projects from scratch. All products in the collection come with an enterprise license, which means that you can use them for all your projects. You can learn more about the EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection here.


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