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EasyDNN Simple Forum 3.0 - [VIDEO] Add documents and images in topics and comments

We’ve just published the new version 3.0 of our popular EasyDNN Simple Forum module. Many of our users use this module as an important part of their intranets, often in ways that are beyond the scope of a classic forum usage. Based on the feedback that we have been receiving from our users, Simple Forum is often used as a simple project management solution and there is often a need to add images and documents in both topics and comments.

EasyDNN Simple Forum is unique because it supports two types of comments. The Simple Forum can be used in a manner that is similar to other forums. Users can participate in discussions and comment through the built-in comments that are a part of the module.

Another type of comments supported by the module are Facebook comments, where users don’t have to register or login to a website. They can instantly participate in discussions if they are logged in into their Facebook account. Facebook comments are a popular comment solution used on a wide range of blogs and news websites; so you are probably familiar with it.

The Facebook comments option is a very convenient way to get as many visitors to your website, to participate in discussions. But if you want a forum with more control, that is intended only for registered users, the built-in comments are a better option for you, and Simple Forum now offers the ability to upload images and documents in both topics and comments.

From now on, the built-in comments support adding of images and documents to both topics and comments. For the sake of clarity, a topic is the first introductory post, which is then followed by comments. Documents uploaded to the post and comments are displayed as attachments and they can be downloaded. Image files are recognized as images and they are displayed in a light-box. The possibility of adding documents and images to topics and comments opens up some new areas of use. According to the feedback that we have been receiving from our users, the Simple Forum module is often used in intranet environments. It is frequently used as a forum, but some users have recognized its potential, and they use it for other purposes as well.

One of the most popular appliances is a simple and affordable project management solution. And indeed, the EasyDNN Simple Forum module has proven to be very efficient as a simple project management solution for small teams. Users love it because they are familiar with how the forum works, and they don’t have to learn how to use numerous options they will rarely utilize.

In this video, you can see how adding documents and images to topics and comments works.


Although the name Simple Forum might suggest that the module does not have many options, the word simple refers to its ease of use. Simple Forum has all the important features to be fully efficient as a forum, but also as a simple project management solution.

Topics are organized by category. With the help of the permissions, you can control who can add, see, and comment on topics. There are two HTML editors at your disposal, Simple HTML editor and CKeditor. The HTML editor is supported in both topics and comments.

Let's also mention the robust system of notifications. Notifications can be sent to users via DNN notifications when they reach a user's DNN inbox, or they can be sent directly to email (SMTP). There are notifications about new topics, comments, and the need for moderating comments. Users can subscribe to notifications at a category level or individually for each topic.

Simple Forum has a modern interface and layout. The layout is based on the razor templates that enable great flexibility in adjusting the layout to your needs.

Very interesting is the integration with our EasyDNN MailChimp Plus module. Thanks to this integration, it is possible automatically to create a newsletter from new topics added to the Simple Forum module. The sending interval can be daily, weekly, or monthly.

We’ve mentioned only the main features of the EasyDNN Simple Forum module. More information about the module and features can be found here. You can download a free trial version from our website.

EasyDNN Simple Forum can be purchased individually at the DNN Store, but also as a part of the EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection that contains all our modules and themes. We recommend you take a look because purchasing the collection really pays off.


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