In addition to our DNN modules and themes,
we also offer some services.


If you have a DNN based project for us, please drop us a line. Due to limited resources for custom work, we prefer the following types of projects.

Customizing our DNN modules and themes

Customization of our DNN modules and themes

Our modules seem perfect for your project, but they lack specific functionality. You can contact us and describe the missing functionality that you require. Our team will consider the feasibility and give you a price and time frame to implement the functionality. If the functionality you are looking for can be included in the regular version of the module, then the price would be lower. We prefer functionalities that can be added to the regular versions, but we can also make a separate version for you.

Installation of our DNN modules and themes

You are new to DNN, or you simply don't have enough time to install our modules and themes. Our team can install our themes and modules for you, add them to a page, and make a basic setup.

Installing our DNN modules and themes
Upgrading our DNN modules and themes

Upgrading our DNN modules and themes

If you have an older version of our modules and themes and don't want to upgrade them yourself, you can hire our team to do it for you. Although problems rarely occur when upgrading modules, in case of a problem, our team can fix such problems immediately.

Configuration and setup of our DNN modules and themes

If you don't have a lot of experience, or you simply don't have time, our team can configure our modules to work according to your needs. Let us know how you want us to set up our modules and themes, and our team will do it for you.

Configuring our DNN modules and themes

DNN website development

DNN website development

Our team consists of top web professionals who can turn your ideas and needs into high quality websites. We can adjust the range of our service to your needs, but we also offer a complete web development service for various needs, such as corporate, government, news, magazine, real estate, and more. Our services include content and functionality planning, design of complete website and all graphic elements, conversion of designs into DNN themes, implementation and configuration of modules, and DNN. Our developers will optimize and polish the web site with the use of best practices in web design. Contact us and your new website can be made possible very soon.

Upgrading DNN's

We offer a DNN upgrade service. Contact us if you want to upgrade from an older version of DNN to a newer one. We have lots of experience in upgrading DNN sites, and we have managed to successfully upgrade even the most complicated ones. Using new versions of DNN increases security, improves performance, and gives access to new features.

DNN upgrade service
Premium support packages

Buy premium support packages

If you need some of our services, you can buy premium support packages on the DNN Store. You can also use the purchased hours at any time and for any service within 24 months. For example, if you opt for a package that contains 10 hours and need a service that takes 3 hours, the other 7 hours will remain available for other services. You can consult us about how many premium support hours you need. Buy premium support packages on the DNN Store.