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Welcome to the largest DNN demo site

This site is the largest collection of demo examples of DNN CMS and EasyDNN themes and modules. All the examples you can find on this demo site are made using EasyDNN modules and themes, meaning that everything you see here, you can replicate on your own website. Our DNN modules can be purchased individually or you can buy them as a bundle in the EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection. This collection contains all our themes and modules at a very affordable price. If you have EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection, you can quickly and easily replicate all these demo examples on your websites.


We have developed 9 professional DNN themes, sold as a bundle for the price of one DNN theme. In the collection, you will find themes of different styles and purposes. All themes can be stylized with the help of the Style Wizard module. Also included is BlockBuilder – a powerful drag & drop page builder for EasyDNN themes. You can create a demo site copy of any of our themes in just about 10 minutes. Find out how!

EasyDnnSolutions Themes Demo

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EasyDNN News is a DNN module very popular among DNN CMS users. If you want the ultimate solution for your blogs, articles, events, product catalogs, classifieds and real estate listings, then EasyDNN News is the right choice for you. The module is so flexible that you can use it for smaller tasks, such as adding simple news or announcements on your website. It can also serve as an engine for very complex news magazines or advanced blogs. Publishing articles is so simple with this module that even non-technical staff can easily publish well formatted articles that contains image galleries, videos and documents.

EasyDnnSolutions news Demo

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Attractive galleries for your DNN website. EasyDNN Gallery is a module with a variety of gallery displays. It displays images, videos, and audio files. Thanks to its numerous options, galleries can be adjusted to your needs. Adding new images and videos to galleries is easy even for non-technical staff.

EasyDnnSolutions Gallery Demo

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EasyDNN Rotator brings many different types of slideshow presentations that can easily be added to your DNN site to make it more attractive and dynamic. You can add your own content to the module to be displayed in slideshow presentations. There's also integration with the EasyDNN News module when EasyDNN Rotator automatically loads articles from the EasyDNN News module and displays them in some of its presentations.

EasyDnnSolutions Rotator Demo

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The EasyDNN MailChimp Plus module connects DNN and MailChimp. With this module, you can synchronize registered DNN users with MailChimp lists, add subscription forms to your website, and create and send newsletters directly from your DNN site. Particularly interesting is the integration with the EasyDNN News module that enables you to automatically create newsletters from newly added articles and send them at specific intervals.

EasyDnnSolutions MailChimp Plus Demo

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Google Maps is a great tool for adding maps to your website, but setting up advanced options is quite complicated. Our EasyDNN Map module will simplify the addition of maps to your site and enable you get the most out of Google Maps. Add markers, finetune a map, enable filtering of markers by category, or enable advanced options such as store locator, driving directions or Street View. The integration with EasyDNN News is especially powerful. You can display locations from posts on maps, and filter locations by categories. Great for travel websites.

EasyDnnSolutions MAPS Demo

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EasyDNN Simple Forum is a unique forum. It offers two types of comments: Facebook comments and native (built-in) comments. While Facebook comments are great, if you want users to easily participate in discussions with no need to register or log in, then native comments are especially great on intranets because users can add attachments (images and documents) to topics and comments.

EasyDnnSolutions Forum Demo

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