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The complete beginner's guide to advertising

The most important thing that represents you on the Internet is your website. Be informative, follow trends, secure your own reach, give answers to questions, influence and convince people as much as you can.

You will find a lot of different guides that give you advice on how to organize your content and website, but this isn’t one of them. I will, despite the statistics, assume that you already have your own website which satisfies all the requests of your business field, but it’s still not productive. The answer we will find on social networks. The amazing world of social networks can offer us the exact passage that misses us in connection with your webpage to some of the customers. It’s not an option anymore, it’s your obligation.

What to expect in the year 2016?

With the beginning of New Year, the majority of us makes some kind of to-do list. I'm really fed up with the detox diets, how to lose weight after holidays and so on. Why don't we simply decide to be happier? If you like to eat cakes - eat cakes, if you like to go jogging – jog the whole day, if you like to work with people – choose a job like marketing and then you won't have to work a day in your life anymore.

All jokes aside, today I'm triggered to talk about predictions. As we stepped into the new year I know that you've all made your new year's resolutions so I would like to help you to make some for the prosperity of your business too. That's why I’ve chosen marketing predictions for 2016 as my today’s topic.

What is the future of content marketing?

In the first blog post I wrote, I found it amazing how a story from a magazine that I read 15 years ago first crossed my mind. But today, today I wanted to put the emphasis on content, text, words – the king of every webpage. The words of the article author from the magazine made me think about the influence that some situation had on people, and again, it was that article that incited me to compare it to web design and its influence on marketing.

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