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What is the future of content marketing?

In the first blog post I wrote, I found it amazing how a story from a magazine that I read 15 years ago first crossed my mind. The first blog post I've published was about web design and whether it makes the web page, and for all of you who haven't seen it, here it is: Web design is what makes a web page. 

But today, today I wanted to put the emphasis on content, text, words – the king of every webpage. The words of the article author from the magazine made me think about the influence that some situation had on people, and again, it was that article that incited me to compare it to web design and its influence on marketing.

Content is king

As I emphasized in that text, content is still the king, but web design is catching it in the finish line, and the race is still going on.

I'm not minimizing the importance of either one, because if you think about it, will you read the content if it doesn’t attract you at the first glance? Didn’t think so. Just remember that people who write any kind of content have exactly 3 seconds to draw people’s attention to start reading their text and there’s where the web design steps in… but what will you draw attention to if you don’t have the text? I know it all sounds mixed-up and they both are very important, but I have to share the reasons why I decided to write about content marketing.

I read a text by Dennis Shiao about how one day in the future we can expect computers to replace human beings in making content marketing just by generating older texts. First I was like, hey, what are you talking about and why am I reading you? But the further I’ve read, the more I thought about how possible it is, and then I was disappointed because it was related to my work and very surprised to find that a quote from that text was written by a computer. When did we evolve so much to be afraid to be replaced with computers? Now I actually think they can make content, and that they will do so, but still under our guidance. I'd like to see computers showing their disappointment or happiness regarding some new feature or program – empathy and feelings, that’s what they are missing.

Last month the majority of emails I’ve received regarding social media marketing was to remind people about the importance of content marketing. But, what is happening? Do you really need to be remembered? I don’t believe that you’ve forgotten about the power of words, actually, just think about some politician or famous person and their influence on people. Human beings use emotions and feelings, they put themselves in other people’s perspectives and this is the key difference that distinguishes us from computers.

I have a dream

Exactly 52 years ago, in just seventeen minutes of public speech Martin Luther King used the sentence that was as powerful then as it is half a century after. This is just one example of using words. Use words to express not only what you see, but also what you feel and experience, something that can’t be seen when just looking at your products or service. Words make difference in the world, and when you have a slight doubt, just think about this one sentence and how I has been making difference during decades.

Definitely, people cannot be replaced with computers because of the emotions they share and they should continue writing because paper will take anything that’s written on it. If you wish to get closer to people, to present them and introduce them to your product or business you have to make content. There isn’t any marketing without content marketing and there isn’t any selling without marketing. So if you want to be the one who is selling then you should write, because you are your products and services you offer. I can’t think of any other way to publish your writing than to use our EasyDNNnews module and in this way spread your words as fast as you can.

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