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Writing blog posts and other types of content is a very demanding job that requires a lot of time and efforts. In order for your efforts to pay off, your articles must be well ranked on search engines. It is not enough just to create a phenomenal content, your content must be friendly to search engines or Search Engine Optimized. 

What to expect in the year 2016?

With the beginning of New Year, the majority of us makes some kind of to-do list. I'm really fed up with the detox diets, how to lose weight after holidays and so on. Why don't we simply decide to be happier? If you like to eat cakes - eat cakes, if you like to go jogging – jog the whole day, if you like to work with people – choose a job like marketing and then you won't have to work a day in your life anymore.

All jokes aside, today I'm triggered to talk about predictions. As we stepped into the new year I know that you've all made your new year's resolutions so I would like to help you to make some for the prosperity of your business too. That's why I’ve chosen marketing predictions for 2016 as my today’s topic.

The importance of webpages for business communication

Nowadays, the art of communication is an inevitable part of each person's life. Every morning when you have a cup of coffee or tea with your family members, when you go to work and meet your colleagues, go to a supermarket, meet your friends, every, and I really mean every part of your life is filled with communication and it is up to you how will you present it. It is divided to verbal and non-verbal forms so you have to watch out and think about the ways of communication even if you are not using words, because you are still communicating – with your actions. 

Create a powerful DNN web site in just a couple of minutes

Did you know that in just a couple of minutes you can create a DNN web site enriched with options and with configured functionalities like blogs, events, catalogues, galleries and sliders, or maybe even with functionalities like real estate or property listing web site? Yes, our EDS Theme & Module Collection enables you exactly that.

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