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The power of blogging: boost your business

If blogging started when some individual wanted to express their ideas, feelings, thoughts, opinions, and finally to put everything into words, why should there be any difference for companies and businesses to do the same?

Express yourself!

I know it sounds like Madonna’s song but this is the core of blogging. Companies are run by people, people who want to connect with other people and share everything about their business. People are the ones who create companies, therefore, companies have souls, personalities, thoughts, feelings and everything that a person has. People are searching for a personal side of your business to feel empathy, something that we all search for in other people. On the other hand, companies search to connect to people to drive their traffic so why don’t we make this path accessible in both ways?

Imagine you wish to buy an oven and you search through all web pages to find an ideal one, but since you don’t have a lot of experience in baking let alone in techniques necessary to bake something, you navigate through pages in the best offers for ovens. But you stumble upon one where you find a blog and the author is asking himself: how people expect that we know how to cook and to know about electrical equipment at the same time when all you just want to do is to bake a cake? The author of that blog points out to an oven they make which has the possibility to turn off when baking is over and has the possibility to turn oven dirt into dust and in that way enabling you to clean your oven without the use of chemical products. And by the way, offers you a very tasty looking recipe for the cake you’re about to bake. That’s all you need, it seems like they know how you are feeling and you start to follow other “bumps in the road” the author of this blog has. Sometimes in finding proper equipment for taking pictures, looking pictures, capturing important moments… and so on…until one day you find yourself not only connected to this author but also to the company whose products he is describing.

Writing blogs helps you to:

  • Develop strong relationship to your customers
  • Increase your web site traffic and brand yourself
  • Increase your SEO


It’s like looking a reflection in the mirror?

Don’t you just love that feeling when you find out that you are not the only one lost in some moment or problem but that there are also other people who feel the same? Now, turn the table and imagine you are able to help somebody with your business knowledge. How would people react? How would the people from your business react? I’m always nothing but grateful to the people who help me.

You would grow the business by creating a relationship with potential customers, existing ones, and your brand. By enabling valuable, professional information you are helping people and at the same time, you are influencing them to help you.

Since I’m here, let’s see what else you have to offer…

Think about what this could do to your website traffic. If you have constant visitors to your web page, only because they like to read what you have to say, they would also visit the rest of your page just to see what you are doing. So by blogging you wouldn’t just draw attention to your blog post but also to the rest of the content you have on your web page, and in this way you would increase your goals whether in sales or in services. And this is what all of us are searching for, each of you who has their own business. This is why blogging is so important!

Some people aren’t even aware that they need your products until they visit your page and find it to be something they can’t live without. Isn’t this great? People listen to you, listen what you want to share with them and that’s not all, they also trust you enough to try your service or product and probably return for more. A dream comes true!

Also, you mustn’t forget about all-mighty SEO. Everything concerning SEO for optimization of your web page concerns also optimization of your blog writing. When writing a blog be aware that you neutrally use keywords to optimize search results, think about the title you will use and don’t forget to call people to action.

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