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EasyDNN News 12 – Generate content, translate into foreign languages and improve SEO with AI

We are proud to introduce the new EasyDNN News 12. This version brings new applications of AI technology to our popular news module. The new features are designed to help you reach a much wider audience than ever before. AI can write articles and generate images for you, translate articles into foreign languages, and optimize SEO.

EasyDNN News 11.9.4 - Now with Stripe integration

We have just released EasyDNN News 11.9.4. This version includes integration with Stripe, a globally popular card processor. EasyDNN News offers complete event management, which provides for publishing and displaying events in lists and calendars, recurring events, social events (similar to Facebook events), multi-day events, invitations, reminders, seat management, and free or paid event registrations. Previously, only offline payments and PayPal were supported as payment methods.

EasyDNN News 11.8 – integration with ChatGPT and DALL-E

The new EasyDNN News 11.8 module brings you integration with ChatGPT & DALL·E. This integration allows you to generate multi-language articles and images using AI. In other words, AI will now automatically create blog posts for you. Considering all the possibilities of EasyDNN News as a blog and news site engine, this ChatGPT integration is really mind-blowing.

Move commenting on posts from EasyDNN News to EasyDNN Simple Forum

Integration of EasyDNN News and Simple Forum modules

EasyDNN News allows you to comment on articles and all types of posts through the use of the built-in comment system. The Facebook comments plugin and Disqus are also supported. Now, there is a new interesting feature that allows you to move commenting to our EasyDNN Simple Forum module. The whole thing is very straightforward. Adding an article to the EasyDNN News module creates a topic in the EasyDNN Simple Forum module. There is a link in the article that leads to the forum, and in the topic on the forum, there is a backlink that leads back to the article.

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