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The complete beginner's guide to advertising

The complete beginner's guide to advertising

The most important thing that represents you on the Internet is your website. Be informative, follow trends, secure your own reach, give answers to questions, influence and convince people as much as you can.

You will find a lot of different guides that give you advice on how to organize your content and website, but this isn’t one of them. I will, despite the statistics, assume that you already have your own website which satisfies all the requests of your business field, but it’s still not productive. The answer we will find on social networks. The amazing world of social networks can offer us the exact passage that misses us in connection with your webpage to some of the customers. It’s not an option anymore, it’s your obligation.


If you are a company that has just started some kind of social marketing, it is important to follow some instructions and tips which will help you to succeed in your business as soon as possible. Generally speaking, this instructions can be comprehended in a few following steps:

  1. ​​​Determine social media manager

Until now you are probably aware that business in which each individual has their task and enough time and possibility to be devoted to it, the business will prosper.  Maybe now isn’t the time, you don’t have possibilities, or you simply don’t want to hire more people, but you have to realize that the person who works with people is inevitable in business. A person who will know when, where and how to publish your news and offers, this is “the bridge” between you and your quality product or service and customers. When you decide who in your company has the imagination and creativity or that special something that makes him or her a magnet that attracts people, then you are on the right path. Have in mind that customers want to talk with a REAL person who will keep the authentic communication so let that be that will lead you in your selection.


  1. Creating accounts

The next step is creating accounts on social networks which you can use as an advertising purpose. Organize as many emails and phone numbers as possible, so people can always contact you and of course, always use your logo in sales to create a recognizable brand. Special attention should be devoted to making your social account because this is the thing that distinguishes you in the mass of other advertisers and this is what people want to remember as soon as possible.

  1. Take care of your content

The more content, the better. Relevant content, of course. The more people following your progress, the sooner your persistence will pay off.

Write about people’s needs, ask them to cooperate in conversations and at the end, involve your commentary. You will find out information such as what induces someone to make a purchase and what meaning gives your product for their life. Remember, it’s not all about “you” – it’s a dialog.

We’ve talked a lot about content, and you know, the same way as it is declared to be the king of every webpage, it is the king of every social network. Find something different for publishing on each social network, involve yourself at this network in more than one way, regardless of promoting your own content.

  1. Creating images

Firstly, create images to create a brand. Using images majorly impacts buyer’s decision whether they are going to work with you. A couple of numbers about using images for the business run by Jeff Bullas will definitely make you think. Let’s start:

  •          Articles with images get 94% more total views
  •          When promoting a new product or a service, there is an increase of 14% in webpage overview if there are images involved in the promotion, and if we add video promotion material this percentage goes up to 48%
  •          60% of customers are more likely to consider contacting an advertiser when an image shows up in the search results
  •          In an e-commerce site, 67% of consumers say the quality of a product image is “very important” in selecting and purchasing a product
    Still considering about adding images or illustrations?
  1. Social marketing

As a discipline, it developed in late 70-is when Kotler and Zaltman realized that the same marketing principles that were sold to consumers, can be used for “selling” ideas and behaviors. Social marketing searches for influences on social behavior which brings prosperity to the public and society in general. Although we know that the main goal of every advertiser is to sell their product or service, the primary focus lies on the consumer. So, direct your products and services towards people's searches and talk-about.

Marketing experts talk to customers, but not solely about the products, they are devoting their time to learn people's need instead of convincing them to buy products. Maybe this sounds non-profitable, but you will feel the progress after a while. 


  1. Advertising on social media

The process of getting attention on your website through social networks. The main focus lies on creating content which draws attention and encourages readers to share it on their profiles. People get online recommendations, and their importance is enormous. Just think about the fact that we bought the majority of things thanks to somebody’s recommendation, and this is what every seller seeks to get.  

So start making web pages and continue your growth from there on! Use our EasyDNN News to write about news in your industry, you can use articles, blogs, events, and any kind of marketing management in any language you want.  EasyDNN Gallery can help you to show your products or services in the shape of images, videos, audios or any kind of social galleries and use our EasyDNN Rotator module to show them in responsive displays that use different sliders. Our EasyDNN Maps module will help you locate your service or stores by adding markers and Google maps. And in our newest module EasyDNN Simple Forum, we present you a connection between Facebook and our modules, enabling every Facebook user to leave a comment without having to register and login.

And at last, but not least – use EasyDNN Mail Chimp to regularly pass your information to people who are interested in it. But if you ask me, the best option is to buy them all together in the EDS Theme and Module Collection.




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