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Build DNN websites faster than ever [Video]

Build DNN websites faster than ever [Video]

Don't start your DNN websites from scratch! We have a solution that will save you a vast amount of time. Our EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection brings you more than ten pre-built websites which you can use as a starting point for your projects.

What is EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection?

For those who still aren't familiar with our EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection, here is a brief description. EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection is a collection of all our DNN modules and DNN themes. Currently, there are ten professional DNN themes in the collection, and there are also six of our DNN modules that are very popular in the DNN community. I'm sure you have heard of EasyDNN News, EasyDNN Gallery, EasyDNN Rotator, EasyDNN MailChimp Plus, EasyDNN Maps, and EasyDNN Simple Forum.

Buying the EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection is very cost effective, because you get all our products for only a fraction of their full price.

Save a lot of time, create a copy of our demo sites

As we mentioned in the introduction, the EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection brings you ten professional DNN themes.


Each of these themes has its own demo site. Here you can find the links to the demo sites:

DNN has an interesting functionality that allows you to import portal (website) templates. In that way you can create a copy of a website. We have upgraded this functionality so you can import dummy content, after which the modules are configured, and you get a complete copy of the demo site. Isn't this a great way to start a new project?

Creating a copy of our demo site only takes about ten minutes.

In this video, you can see how simple it is to create your copy.


The simplicity of an online site builder combined with the power and flexibility of a full featured CMS

BlockBuilder, StyleWizard and an expansive assortment of DNN themes—plus out-of-the-box websitse that eliminate the need to build one from scratch—are invaluable resources for a web design agency creating websites for clients or for individuals developing company, organization or personal sites.

The combination of EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection and DNN CMS is a winning solution. Tools like BlockBuilder and StyleWizard enable easy website development comparable to the most popular online site builders, while DNN offers the flexibility and power of a full-featured CMS.

6 Very Popular DNN Modules in Collection


EasyDNN News 10.8.5

An incredibly powerful module for blogs, articles, and events. Thanks to the custom field functionality, it is possible to use it as an engine for product catalogs, business directories, real estate, and much more. [Learn more]

EasyDNN Gallery 10.7 

This module offers an easy-to-use interface for adding images and videos to galleries. In the presentation part, the module offers more different types of modern and mobile-friendly galleries. It can integrate with the EasyDNN News module when you have more types of galleries in articles. [Learn more]

EasyDNN Rotator 10.7

In addition to the EasyDNN GALLERY which is intended for displaying galleries, the EasyDNN ROTATOR is a solution that brings more types of amazing sliders, rotators, carousels, and news tickers. It can display articles from the EasyDNN News module. [Learn more]

EasyDNN MailChimp 10.4

Connect your DNN site with MailChimp – a leading newsletter service in the world. The module offers basic functionalities from subscription forms to subscribe to a list, all the way to synchronizing registered DNN users with the list in MailChimp. Also, it can create and send newsletters from EasyDNN NEWS articles. [Learn more]

EasyDNN Maps 5.5

This module enables adding fully-customized maps to DNN websites. Adding location markers, fine adjustment of maps, filtering maps by categories, store locator, driving directions, and Street View are only some of the functions that you can easily use with this module. An especially interesting possibility is the integration with the EasyDNN News module. [Learn more]

EasyDNN Simple Forum 3.6

A very modern and unique forum that you can find only in the DNN world. In this forum, you can choose between two types of comments: native comments and Facebook comments. Grow your community fast with this module. [Learn more]

EasyDNN Solutions has been part of the DNN ecosystem as a module and theme vendor since 2010. Since the beginning, our DNN modules have been developed with an emphasis on quality and reliability.


EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection is a collection of our DNN modules and themes. An incredible value, it's priced at just a fraction of what you'd pay to purchase everything separately. All products in the collection come with an enterprise license so they can be used in unlimited number of websites within your organization or for the development of client projects. New versions of all products in the collection are included for one full year, as well as any brand new products added to the collection.

For more information on the EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection, click here.

The collection is available for purchase at the DNN store.

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