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EasyDNN Magazine - Build News Magazine site with DNN CMS and EasyDNN products

EasyDNN Magazine - Build News Magazine site with DNN CMS and EasyDNN products

EasyDNN Magazine is an integrated solution whose purpose is to serve as a CMS for news magazine sites or advanced blog sites. Thanks to this solution, your news magazine can be online in a short time and at very affordable price. To get the best impression of all the possibilities, we suggest that you visit the EasyDNN Magazine demo site.

EasyDNN News – the main tool of the solution

The basic ingredients of the EasyDNN Magazine solution are: DNN (Evoq) CMS, and the collection of EasyDNN products that are additionally improved in the latest versions so they fit the needs of news magazine sites. The main tool in the solution is the well-known EasyDNN News module. It is enriched with new functionalities that are often used on magazine sites, and in the version 8.1 the interface of the module has been modernized too. If you are among the rare DNN CMS users who aren’t familiar with this module yet, let’s just say that we are talking about a module that is the most popular solution for blogs, articles, events and other kinds of article-like content for many years.

Since the EasyDNN News module has all essential functionality necessary for article publishing, the logical step was adding functionality and display options often seen on popular news sites.

The new content blocks display is a type of display that is often seen on various news sites. It enables displaying of articles grouped in blocks and filtering by their categories. The main priority during the development of this display were performances, so it is a perfect fit for large traffic websites and it works well in the case when the module is used multiple times on the same page.


The next new display is the latest articles display that allows for easy and quick setting up of the widgets with the latest articles. The latest articles display also enables displaying of articles by different criteria such as the most popular, last commented, best ranked, articles with the most comments and similar. Although it was previously possible to display the latest articles by using the main news module, this new display simplifies the process and it is a better fit for large traffic websites.


The recent comments display is also a new widget that enables displaying of the latest comments. It can display all the latest comments in order of appearance or the latest comment from every article.

The latest articles and recent comments displays were also developed with performance in mind so all three new widgets are very gentle in using server resources. The content block, latest articles and recent comments displays are available for configuring in the EasyDNN News widgets module.

Complete solution - advanced galleries in articles, sliders, news tickers, email marketing...

Besides the EasyDNN News module on our demo site we also intensively use the other modules from our product line. When EasyDNN Gallery is integrated with the EasyDNN News module then the possibilities of managing multimedia and the displaying options are much greater.


The sliders and news tickers that display articles on our demo site are a part of the EasyDNN Rotator module. This module can be configured in a way that automatically loads articles from the EasyDNN News module and displays them in one of its numerous sliders or news tickers.


If you want to attract visitor to subscribe to your newsletter, this is where the EasyDNN MailChimp Plus module steps in. This module enables the integrations between DNN CMS and MailChimp - the leading email service provider. There are embedded and pop-up subscription forms at your disposal. When a visitor decides to abandon your site, the on-exit condition will display a pop-up with a subscription form. According to the statistics about 70% of visitors will never return to the site, so this is a great and probably the last chance to convert him or her to a permanent visitor of your site.


But the EasyDNN MailChimp Plus module is versatile marketing solution, so it can be even more helpful in your efforts to reach your subscribers. It is very simple to automate sending digest emails which are created from articles published in the EasyDNN News module. Digest emails can be sent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Sending of digest emails can be completely automated, but it is also possible to manually select articles and send them at the desired time.


EasyDNN MailChimp Plus is a great marketing solution for every DNN site so if you are interested you can learn more about it here.


There is also a solution for Google Maps

If you want to add the possibility of displaying locations from articles on Google maps, then the EasyDNN Maps module is the right solution for you. You can find out more about this module here.


Megamenu that displays articles

On our demo site you can see the Mega Menu that displays articles in menus. You can add an instance of the EasyDNNnews module to our MegaMenu 2.0 module. The MegaMenu 2.0 is available from EDS Theme Collection 9.8.


Out-of-box design

The DNN theme used on our demo site is the NewsMagazine theme that you get in EDS Theme Collection. Of course, you have a complete freedom to design a new theme or to adjust ours to your needs. If you want to change the style of our themes, use the StyleWizard module to change anything that can be ordinarily adjusted in CSS.

Create a functional copy of our demo news magazine site in just a couple of minutes

Users of our EDS Theme & Module Collection can use site (portal) templates to create an identical copy of our demo site in just a few minutes. The result will be a site identical to our EasyMagazine demo site. All modules will be configured and ready to use.

Complete service

If you decide to build a news site or similar project with our EasyMagazine solution, we can offer you additional services, such as module customization, design, and implementation, as well as long-term technical support. We can participate in the project based on your needs, assisting with part of the work or developing a complete solution for you.

How to get our EasyMagazine solution

All the products (modules and themes) used on our demo site are available in the EDS Theme & Module Collection. This collection can be used for an unlimited range of possible projects and sites, not just for building a news magazine site.

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