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EasyDNN Simple Forum 2.0 – Now with native (built-in) and Facebook comments

EasyDNN Simple Forum is a modern and attractive forum that is the right choice for your DNN website or intranet. It is easy to use and configure. The new version brings native (built-in) comments and lots of other improvements. 

If you are already familiar with our EasyDNN Simple Forum module, then you probably know that this forum has used only Facebook comments as the comment system. That means that any Facebook user can join discussions while logged into their Facebook account. This is a great concept if you want to get users to participate in discussions, thanks to the ease of getting involved in debates. You can find out more about it here

Some of our users have expressed their wish for a more traditional forum with built-in or native comments. We have now added support for built-in comments, so you can choose whether your forum will use native comments or Facebook comments. 

Native (Built-in) Comments

The main news in this version of the forum module is native comments or built-in comments. Native comments are comments that are a part of module functionality. They enable commenting on topics for registered and non-registered users (optional).

Lots of new functionalities are related to native comments. Out of the main news, let’s mention permissions by which you can configure who can see, add, and comment or moderate comments. There is also the possibility of approving topics and comments by moderators before publishing them.



To keep your users engaged, and for moderators and administrators to react on time, they need to be informed. The module can send different notifications such as the existence of a new topic, new comment, and about the need to moderate topics and comments.

Notifications are sent via DNN notifications and sent to a user’s inbox in DNN, or directly to the email of a recipient. It is possible to use both options simultaneously. The content and layout of the notifications can be adjusted in the notification template.


Modern layout and functionality that will engage users

This forum has been developed with modern web technology, with the purpose of creating a great user experience on both desktop and mobile devices. The out-of-box design is very modern and in line with current trends. Those familiar with HTML and CSS can adjust the layout and design to their own needs. 

EasyDNN Simple Forum has all the required functionality needed for a successful forum. At the same time, it is it easy for users to participate and enough fun to keep them engaged. They have options such as liking comments, up/down voting, responding to selected comments, quoting comments they are responding to, and more.

Although the forum name suggests that it is simple, the term does not mean that there is a lack of functionality. Simple means that this module is simple to configure and use. It only requires about ten minutes to add and configure this forum onto your DNN site. 


EasyDNN Simple Forum can help you build and keep a community on your DNN website. The forum can also significantly improve the efficiency of your intranet. Did you know that some organizations successfully use forums as a project management tool and as a tool for discussions? Take the opportunity today to make your website or intranet more effective with this great tool.







<Demo - Native comments>
<Demo - Facebook comments>


How to get EasyDNN Simple Forum

You can download a free trial version from our website. You can purchase the module individually at the DNN store or as a part of our EDS Theme & Module Collection that contains all our products. If you are interested in our modules and themes, please check out the EDS Theme & Module Collection as purchasing the collection will provide you with significant savings and access to all our products. The collection users with active subscriptions may download and use EasyDNN Simple Forum for free from the Patches page at the DNN store.

What's new in EasyDNN Simple Forum 2.0

  • Native comments
    • added native (DNN) comments. EasyDNN Simple Forum supports Facebook comments or native comments where a Facebook account isn't required
  • Permissions
    • permissions for adding topics
    • permissions for viewing topics
    • permissions for commenting topics
    • permissions for moderating topics
  • Review of topics and comments
    • possibility of reviewing topics before publishing
    • added the draft or publish status of topics
    • possibility of reviewing comments before publishing
  • Editor
    • possibility of choosing between two HTML editors, Simple HTML editor, and CKEditor
  • Notifications
    • possibility of sending notifications via DNN notifications or via email (SMTP)
    • notifications about new topics, comments, necessity for moderating topics and comments
    • possibility of subscribing to notifications on the category level or only to a topic
    • unregistered users can also register to notifications by leaving an email address and verification of the email address
    • notification templates enable adjustment of layout and content of notifications
      * Notifications about new comments work only when native comments are used. If using Facebook comments, then Facebook’s notification system is used.
  • Displaying comments and functionality
    • threaded comments
    • selecting an order of comments display (order by)
    • comments can be added by registered or non-registered users (Google Captcha)
    • like comments and display users who liked
    • up and down votes for comments and displaying of users who up or down voted
    • reporting of inappropriate comments
    • reply to the selected comment
    • quoting comments
    • admin users and moderators can edit, approve, delete or reject a comment
    • display an avatar next to the username (selecting a DNN avatar or Gravatar)
    • a direct link to comment
    • paging for comments
  • Layout
    • the layout is based on razor templates, enabling adjustment of the layout to your needs
  • Auto-posting
    • possibility of auto-posting a new topic to a Facebook page


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