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What's new in EasyDNN News 9.1

What's new in EasyDNN News 9.1

New EasyDNN News 9.1 brings a new series of improvements. Let's talk about the improved event functionality, the editing of Open Graph and Twitter cards metadata per article, different resx files per module instance, new social icons (the integration with "AddThis“) and the ability to clean-up of unused images.


In EasyDNN News 9.1, we’ve improved the event functionality by adding a few useful options. The My Events widget lets users see a list of events which they have registered for and where they can cancel that registration if needed.


The Double Opt-in option enables non-registered users to register for an event only by paying with PayPal. Registering on a website and verification is not required.

Until now, it was possible to send invitations and reminders only for events where registration was required. Now you can even send invitations and reminders for events where registration isn't required.

Open Graph & Twitter Cards

In this version, we’ve improved the support for Open Graph and Twitter cards metadata. Until now, this data was automatically filled with matching content from articles, something that could not be customized. With this new version, you can customize Open Graph and Twitter cards meta data per article. This allows you to set which data is chosen when an article is shared on Facebook or Twitter. 


Custom Resx Files

We’ve added the ability to use custom resx files per module instance. Resx files are files that contain text used in the module interface with other static text. You can change text in resx files, thereby changing the text in the module. For example, the option Add article can be changed to Add new product. Until now, a change in resx files affected all instances of the module on a website. A problem may have occurred if you were using the module for different purposes such as a blog and product catalog at the same time. From now on, you can have custom resx files for every instance in the EasyDNN News module. You are now able to completely customize the text used in “Article editor” along with all the other parts of the module. See the documentation.


AddThis and New Share Buttons

EasyDNN News 9.1 brings you integration with the AddThis service. This integration enables customization of social share buttons. You can customize the share buttons in your AddThis account, and the customized version will be displayed in your posts. If you want to have the new share buttons without customization, then you only need to add the token

to the template. See the documentation.



What's new in EasyDNN News 9.1

  • New: "My Events" widget, where users can see a list of events for which they have registered, and where they may cancel their registrations
  • New: "Double Opt-In" option which enables non-registered users to pay with PayPal with no need to verify the email
  • New: capability of sending invitations and reminders for events where registration is not required
  • New: capability of editing Open Graph and Twitter Cards metadata per article.
  • New: different resx files per module instance – enables the customization of the module interface text and other static text for every module instance 
  • New: HTML template for tooltips in a calendar
  • New: HTML template for Upcoming Events
  • New: new social icons and the integration with "AddThis"
  • New: capability of clean-up of unused images
  • Improved: "Article Manager" – bulk move or copy articles to categories
  • Improved: Search module accessibility
  • Improved: RSS import functionality – the possibility of adding canonical links to the original article
  • Improved: expression and querystring tokens
  • Fixed: small bugs and other small improvements

How to Get the EasyDNN News Module

You can download a free 15-day trial version of the module from our website. You can purchase a commercial version of the module from the DNN store, individually or as a part of the EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection. If you have a valid subscription, you can download EasyDNN News 9.1 from DNN store > Patches.

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