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What's new in EasyDNN News 12.1

What's new in EasyDNN News 12.1

In the new EasyDNN News 12.1, we continue the integration of AI. We have improved the Article Manager to provide a better user experience and make it as convenient as possible. From now on, it is possible to select multiple articles at once and instruct the module to translate all of them or improve their SEO. This is done using the DNN Scheduler, which performs the tasks in the background. You no longer have to go from article to article manually but can select all the articles you want to translate or improve their SEO in the article manager. This is ideal for anyone with many articles that they want to translate or improve their SEO. A larger number of articles will take longer to process, and all articles being processed will be marked as "Pending" in the Article Manager. The "Pending" status in the article manager does not affect the display of the articles on the website.

How to recognize which articles need SEO improvement

The article manager now has a new SEO indicator that shows whether SEO elements (title tag, meta description, and meta tags) have been added to an article. If you are editing multiple selected articles, you can choose whether all SEO elements should be added with the help of AI, or you can select only the elements you want.

How to know which articles need to be translated

The article manager has been updated with a translation status indicator that shows which languages an article has been translated into. Thanks to this feature, you can easily see where a translation is missing, so you don't have to check each item manually. If you are editing multiple selected articles, you can choose whether you want to translate all articles, only the articles that are missing a translation, or choose the articles you want to translate.


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