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Looking for a CMS solution for news websites? We have all you need

Looking for a CMS solution for news websites? We have all you need

Did you know EasyDNN News and our other modules have everything you need to launch and run a news website successfully? Similar specialized CMS solutions are extremely expensive. The products in the collection are the perfect choice if you are looking for a CMS tool that specializes in the media industry's needs, offering speed and flexibility and a range of features that set new standards in content publishing. 

We live in a time when news travels at the speed of light. For publishers of news websites or other thematic sites, it is crucial to have a reliable and efficient CMS that can keep up with the dynamic pace of news websites. 

Screenshot – News website powered by EasyDNN products



Publishing articles and other content is straightforward and requires no special knowledge. We have paid great attention to the ease with which you can add additional content to enrich articles and make them more interesting, such as image galleries, videos, documents, Google Maps, and links.


EasyDNN News has a robust system of permissions for editing and displaying content. To illustrate, imagine a scenario where you have editors who can access all article categories and add or edit articles in any category. Sports journalists can only add articles in the sports category, and entertainment journalists can add and edit articles in the entertainment category. This is just one example, and the configuration options are almost limitless. 

The permissions also determine who can see specific content. All visitors can see all articles if you adjust the setting this way. However, it is also possible to make particular article categories visible only to specific groups of visitors. Suppose you want to encourage visitors to register on your portal. In that case, you can make particular article categories only accessible to registered users. The same applies to paid subscribers.


The EasyDNN modules can be used for small and large projects alike. They can be used for a simple blog or a large news portal, and they perform equally well in both roles. This software keeps pace with your growth and is scalable as needed.


Thanks to the portal templates included in the collection, your modern and professional news website that matches the look and functions of the largest portals can be online quickly and at a very affordable price. If you have DNN experience, you can create copies of our demo portals within 15 minutes. If you have no experience and want us to do everything for you, please contact us.


EasyDNN News and the other modules from our product collection enable excellent content monetization. The integration with Google Ads allows you to place ads in various places within the portal, including within articles. If you sell ads directly to advertisers, integration with the free DNN banner module is supported, allowing you to display ads in specific places in a particular period.

Another monetization option is to make content available only to registered users or users who pay for a subscription. Thanks to the powerful authorization system, specific content can be available exclusively to certain categories of members (e.g., registered members, subscribers, premium subscribers).


EasyDNN News specializes in article publishing. Articles can be news, blogs, events, and all kinds of posts that take the form of structured content. The possibilities for customizing the appearance of articles and the elements they contain are almost limitless. Do you want the article to include the author's name, biography, publication date, last modified date, social network icons, or tags? All of this is optional and can be changed as required.

The same flexibility exists when displaying all types of article lists. Display the latest, most popular, most commented, and recommended articles. You can display the titleintroductory text, introductory image, date, time, and author. All this is possible according to your wishes.


Better positions on Google bring you more visitors, meaning more money from ads.

EasyDNN News offers all the technical requirements for first-class search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure your articles rank high on Google. You don't need to be an SEO expert for your articles to rank well.

The most essential technical features include clean URLs without any parameters. EasyDNN News automatically generates URLs from the titles, and you can also edit the link to your liking. The setup of all metadata from page title to meta description is supported, as well as ALT tags, canonical URLs, structured content, sitemaps, AMP, and much more.


Increasing visitor engagement on the portal increases their time spent on it. More time spent on the portal means more pages opened, more ads displayed, and ultimately higher revenue. However, the benefits can be manifold. EasyDNN News and its accompanying modules increase visitor engagement by providing an excellent user experience on desktop and mobile devices. Easy navigation, clarity, readable text, and attractive photo galleries offer a good user experience.

Visitors can comment in the comments section below the article, and there is also the option to comment on articles in the forum, which is part of the collection. The forum is one of the many functionalities of the collection, and you can use it as a classic forum or move discussions under articles to the forum. Classic comments under articles or forums; the choice is yours.

Within the articles, there are icons for sharing articles on social networks; readers can rate the article and find related and recommended articles. There are also buttons to go to the next or previous article. All of that is optional.

A mobile app also significantly increases engagement, and we have a module that turns your news website into a mobile app (PWA). The mobile app has no development and maintenance costs. Read more in the mobile app section of this text.


In their search for information, many visitors only visit your portal once, and then they forget it over time. This scenario is not a story with a happy ending, especially if your portal offers topics that interest the visitor.

EasyDNN News and EasyDNN MailChimp enable you to retain some of these visitors with a pop-up window. The pop-up window appears when visitors want to leave the portal or after spending time on it. Users can then sign up for your newsletter, which a certain percentage will do. Over time, your list can accumulate a significant number of subscribers.


Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing channels. EasyDNN News and EasyDNN MailChimp allow you to automate creating and sending newsletters from newly posted articles. If you are not comfortable with full automation, you can also manually select the articles to be included in the newsletter. The solution can send newsletters at daily, weekly, or monthly intervals.


In addition to standard articles, you can also publish events in EasyDNN News. Events can have the option of free or paid registration. Complete event management is available, including notifications, reminders, available seats, recurring events, and more. If you want to, you can display events on a calendar.


DNN and EasyDNN modules enable multilingual portals. You can publish all articles in a different language or only articles in a different language that you select. The number of languages on the portal is not limited.


DNN and EasyDNN News allow you to create a portal farm, each with its design and content. An exciting feature is the ability to distribute content from the main portal to other portals within the farm.


Thanks to the EasyDNN PWA module from the collection, you can create a mobile app from your portal without additional development and maintenance. Visitors can install the mobile PWA app from your portal. An online portal and a mobile application—isn't that great?


EasyDNN modules can add various functionalities to your news website. Multiple configurations are possible, but let us mention functionalities such as classifieds, forums, catalogs with search and filter functions, wiki, business directories, recipes, online knowledge bases, and interactive Google maps. In these examples, you can allow users to edit their content. For example, a company can edit its content in a business directory.


EasyDNN News supports the generation of content using artificial intelligence (AI). Integration with ChatGPT and DALL-E artificial intelligence tools is supported. Assign a task to artificial intelligence, and it will generate an article and images that match your description. We plan additional AI functionalities.


The list of all functionalities in EasyDNN News and other modules is so long that we can only list some here. Among the more essential functionalities, scheduled publishing allows you to determine when an article is published and, optionally, when it's no longer visible. There is also the draft mode for preparing articles and an article manager where you can easily find articles and perform various actions with them. There is also the possibility of enabling advanced workflows when articles need to be approved by editors or others. Sharing articles with other portals or websites via RSS is possible, and importing articles via RSS is also possible. Articles can be exchanged between multiple portals using the multi-portal functionality (portal farm).


The EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection has several demo news websites; creating a fully functional copy takes about 15 minutes. That's a good starting point. If you have experience with DNN, configuring a news website that fits your needs will be no problem. If you have no experience and want us to do everything for you, don't hesitate to contact us.


EasyDNN News and other modules are CMS software based on the DNN platform, a powerful CMS used by many large companies and organizations worldwide. Combining two CMS platforms means that you can publish articles and create classic websites, from the simple to the very complex.


Our team can offer you the turnkey development of a news website, which includes the design of the website or the customization of one of our themes and the customization of our modules to your specific needs and support. We also offer consulting during the portal development process to ensure that your portal performs successfully, ranks well on Google, and captures visitors' interest so they return to the portal regularly and spend as much time there as possible. We suggest methods for successful content monetization, ad placement, and content design to maximize your portal's advertising revenue.

The success of your news website is highly dependent on the site's quality. 

If you're interested in developing a news website or similar thematic site, please get in touch with us.


We have developed several demo news websites where you can get an impression of the possibilities of our themes and modules from the EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection.

You can see the screenshots in the gallery at the end of the article.

MosaicNook is a new portal that we have just developed.



The EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection is a collection that contains all our DNN modules and themes. Buying the collection is much cheaper than buying modules and themes individually. You can use the products from the collection to develop different types of websites. The products in the collection are an excellent solution for creating news websites, but of course, they are not limited to that. The EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection is an excellent addition to the DNN CMS.

Buy the EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection at the DNN store. 


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