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Turn your DNN or Evoq website into a mobile app with EasyDNN PWA module

Turn your DNN or Evoq website into a mobile app with EasyDNN PWA module

Imagine turning your DNN or Evoq website into a mobile app without any additional programming or development. You don't have to imagine because such a possibility now exists. All you need to turn your DNN site into a mobile app is our new EasyDNN PWA module.

How is this possible?

It is possible thanks to Progressive Web Application (PWA) technology. PWA app is software delivered over the Internet and based on common web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WebAssembly. Since a PWA app is essentially a website, users can install the PWA app on their mobile devices, and the app should work on all platforms. Publishing the app in various app stores, such as Google Play or Apple App Store, is optional.

Advantages of PWA applications

PWA apps bring significant improvements in the following areas:

  • Increase in mobile traffic
  • Increase in average conversion
  • Increase in the average session
  • Increase in engagement
  • Lower bounce rate compared to mobile websites
  • Increase in page views

Who is the EasyDNN PWA module for?

  • DNN website owners who want to have a mobile app without additional development and maintenance costs for mobile applications
  •  Developers who develop DNN websites for customers and can also offer an app
  • Anyone who wants to develop a mobile app but has no experience in developing native mobile apps but has experience in developing DNN websites



1. Easy development of mobile applications

To make your DNN site work as a mobile application, install the EasyDNN PWA module on your DNN site and configure the module options. Visitors to your website will be able to install your web app on their mobile devices.

2. Looks and works like a native application

A PWA app looks and behaves like a native application. After installation, the app's icon is added to the home screen.

3. Simple installation

Installation is very easy for users. All they have to do is confirm that they want to install your app. For some browsers (Safari), the experience is slightly different, as an automatic installation process is not supported. Still, in such cases, users are informed by displaying a pop-up of the existence of your app and will be shown instructions on how to add your app to their Home screen.

4. Works on all platforms

PWA apps are designed to work on all platforms. You do not need to develop separate apps for Android or iOS, for example.

5. No problems with updates

With a PWA app, you will not have any problems with updates. Make changes to your DNN website.

6. You are not dependent on app stores

App distribution services like the Apple App Store or Google Play have high criteria for apps they accept. A lot of time and money must be invested to meet these criteria. These services can remove your app if you do not meet all the requirements. This is a significant advantage of PWA apps, as they do not have to be offered via these services.


How Does It Work in Practice?

Let us assume you have installed the EasyDNN PWA module on your DNN platform or Evoq website and set the options. Depending on the options selected, visitors to your website will see a pop-up with information about the app where they can confirm that they want to install the app. If they confirm the installation of the app, the app will be installed on their home screen like any other application. Instead of a pop-up window, visitors can also be shown a native browser prompt, or you can include an install button on the website.

Some browsers do not support starting the automatic installation process (e.g., Firefox Mobile or iPhone Safari). When visitors access your website with these browsers, they will see a pop-up window with the message that your website has a mobile app and a short installation guide. In the Safari browser, one needs to click on the Share button and then on Add to Home Screen.



Try it yourself with a live demo:
Nikola Tesla Legend website

Note: In most cases, you can test only once because browsers save cookies and cache files, so the next time you likely won't see the pop-up.

How to Get the EasyDNN PWA Module

A 15-day trial version of the module can be downloaded from our website. The EasyDNN PWA module can be purchased at the DNN Store.

The EasyDNN PWA module is part of our EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection – a collection of all our DNN modules and themes at a very affordable price. The collection now includes 12 DNN themes, 9 DNN modules, additional tools such as StyleWizard and BlockBuilder, and import templates that allow you to create fully functional copies of demo sites of our themes.

If your EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection subscription is active, you can download the EasyDNN PWA module for free from the DNN Store.


Buy EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection 18 from the DNN Store.



Your website can already have a mobile app today.



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