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EasyDNN MAPS: Google Maps for DNN

EasyDNN MAPS: Google Maps for DNN

If your business depends on your location and your users coming to see you, you have to make sure they can easily find you. The most common solution for this problem is Google Maps. They are free and easy to add to your webpage, but if you want a customized map that will stand out from the crowd with its functionalities and appearance, things become more complicated. This is why we have developed the EasyDNN Maps module that provides DNN webmasters with simpler adding and configuration of advanced DNN maps with markers, categories, directions, Street View, store locator and integration with posts from the EasyDNN News module. This last one is also a business opportunity for starting a directory and interactive maps.   

The main purpose of this module is to make it easier to add Google Maps to your website and adjust maps to your needs. Advanced functionalities of this module can be a business opportunity to quickly and economically start a business and similar directories (such as a business directory in your city). We will talk more about this later. Now, let's present the main functionalities, one by one.  

Adding Google Maps to Website

You can easily add a Google Map to your website with the assistance of the EasyDNN Maps module. You can use the options in the module to adjust the size of the map, default positioning and the initial zoom level. Then you can select a custom map style, a map type (roadmap, satellite, hybrid, terrain). You can turn on the bicycling, transit and traffic map layer views, as well as add a custom map layer from the KML/KMZ files. The settings allow you to adjust some other options as well.

EasyDNN Maps - Map editor

Adding Markers to Map

When you use the EasyDNN Maps module, you can add an unlimited number of markers to the map. You can position the marker on the exact position using the drag and drop functionality. You can add a specific icon to each marker as the module features more than 7000 of them. If this is not sufficient, you can add your own icons. The marker contains a title and a description. Under the description, you can add plain text or HTML. The title and the description are shown in an info bubble that is shown when the marker is clicked. The appearance of the bubble has been defined in the HTML template and you have the option to adjust it to your needs. Markers can be added to categories and subcategories. In addition to showing markers on the map, locations (markers) can also be shown on the list located below the map.

EasyDNN Maps - Google Map with markers

Markers can be imported from the KML, KMZ and CSV files. Posts from the EasyDNN News module with locations (Google Maps) can be used as the source of markers shown on the map. We will talk about this later.  

Clustered Markers

If the markers on the map are so close to each other that they overlap, they can be grouped into a single clustered marker. Such a clustered marker has a number with a number of individual markers within the clustered marker. Clicking on a clustered marker shows all markers located within this marker. When you zoom in on the map in a way that there is sufficient room for all markers, individual markers will be shown again instead of the clustered markers. 

EasyDNN Maps - Clustered markers


Street View and Directions

The EasyDNN Maps module supports Street View. Instead of a map, Street View may be set as the starting display. Visitors can switch from the Street View display to the map mode.

EasyDNN Maps - Street View as default display

Also, the Street View button can be included in the marker description. A user can open the Street View display of the location by clicking on a button. Of course, Street View can be displayed only where it is available.

EasyDNN Maps - Street view button in info bubble

The next very useful functionality is Directions. Users can get step by step directions how to get to the location. The module can recognize the visitor location (unless they disable the location detection) so they can get directions from the location the module detects or they can select the starting position by entering a location.  


EasyDNN Maps - Directions


Store Locator

The filter location by distance option allows you to use the module as a store locator. It features the option of showing only the locations within a radius. Visitors can change the radius themselves with the assistance of a range slider. They can enter the central location by searching or the module can detect their location. This way, visitors can find all shops located within a 50 mile circle, for example.  

EasyDNN Maps - Store locator with radius slider

Categories and Category Widget

Markers can be organised into categories and subcategories. The number of categories and subcategories is not limited. When we create a marker, we add it to one or several categories. The number of categories and subcategories we add the marker to is not limited.  

EasyDNN Maps - EasyDNN News Category Widget

Category Widget allows marker filtering according to categories. This is great for adding public places and businesses to the interactive map of a certain place, city or country. It is easy to search those places with the assistance of categories. One of the best applications is the interactive tourist map. Why not start your business with an interactive map of your city? This module, especially integrated with the EasyDNN News module, is all you need for that. Read about integration with the EasyDNN News module in the next chapter.

<< Demo >>

Integration with the EasyDNN News Module  

EasyDNN Maps and EasyDNN News

Integration of the EasyDNN Maps module with the EasyDNN News module is a very interesting and one of the greatest advantages of this module. The EasyDNN News module is our popular publishing solution that is usually used for blogs, articles, events and news. However, thanks to the custom fields functionality, it can be used for catalogues of products, real estates, classifieds and similar. One of the features of the EasyDNN News module is the implemented Maps Editor allowing you to add a location to each post. Integration with the EasyDNN News module allows you to show locations from posts on a common map. Posts on the map are shown in the form of markers, and there is also the option to select custom icons for categories. Categories and subcategories from the EasyDNN News module are also shown in the previously mentioned Category Widget. Marker bubble contains the basic information about the post, such as the title, pictures, location and a summary. The info bubble content can be adjusted in the HTML template. For example, this is what make it possible to also add custom field tokens from the EasyDNNnews module to the template, so the content of the custom fields can be shown in the marker description. An example would be real estate prices. It is possible to open an entire post from the EasyDNN News module by clicking on Read More in an info bubble.

Adding markers by adding posts in the EasyDNN News module can be an interesting alternative for adding markers to the module in cases where you want to have a certain data structure. For example, in the EasyDNN NEWS module you can create custom fields of web addresses, email, working hours...When adding a post, you also add the data in these custom fields. This data can be shown in the marker description. You just need to add tokens from the custom fields to the HTML template used for the marker description.  

The EasyDNN Maps module also supports integrations with the EasyDNN News Advanced Search. The EasyDNN News Advanced Search is a widget that enables post searching and filtering in the EasyDNNnews module based on various criteria. An example of such searching is searching real estate properties according to type, location, price, number of rooms and other. The results of such searches are also reflected on the display of the marker on the map. In other words, only those markers that match the search terms will be shown on the map.

EasyDNN Maps - EasyDNN News Advanced Search

<< Demo >>

Excellent Map Solution and Business Opportunity

Many businesses depend on the physical location and shoppers visiting their shops, workshops or offices. The EasyDNN Maps module will help you provide your shoppers and clients with an easier way of arriving at the destination, and you, as the webmaster, won't have any problems adding or adjusting maps.   

Keeping in mind a broader picture of everything our modules are capable of, we got ideas about several possible start-up projects with various business directories and interactive maps. Please feel free to contact us if you have such project in mind. Our team can adjust our solutions to your specific needs.  

How to Get the EasyDNN Maps Module

You can download a free 15-day trial version of the module from our website. You can purchase a commercial version of the module from the DNN store, individually or as a part of the EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection. This collection contains all of our DNN modules and themes and you can save a significant amount of money by purchasing it in comparison to individual products. 

Visit EasyDNN Maps product page and learn more about the module.

Important Notice

Many commercial themes sold on the DNN store load the Google Maps API across all pages with no special reason. In addition to such practice harming your website's performance, it is causing a conflict with our module because the Google Maps API is loaded twice. In case the module does not function properly, test the module with a default DNN theme. Ask the provider of your theme how to disable the Google Maps API in it. 

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