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New: EasyDNN Simple Forum

Not Yet Another Forum Module

The time of forums in the era when discussions and communication take place on social networks has almost ended. We often see forums abandoned and empty. However, DNN/EVOQ CMS users now have a forum module at their disposal that connects the two worlds, classic forums and Facebook. EasyDNN Simple Forum brings all the functionalities and benefits of classic forums where users may participate in discussions as Facebook users without having to register and sign in on the website.

As I have mentioned in the introduction, EasyDNN Simple Forum is quite a unique concept. Since we have failed to find a similar product on the market, we believe that the DNN market has become slightly richer thanks to this original product that is not available to users of other CMSs.

When we were planning our new DNN module, the decision was made to make it a forum. We are aware that the era of forums has almost ended and that nearly all discussions have moved to Facebook. So, we came up with the idea of creating a forum that would merge these two worlds. On one hand, we wanted to take advantage of all the benefits of forums and, on the other, provide simplicity and the familiar Facebook user experience. This is how we conceptualised a forum that does not use its own comment system, but uses the Facebook Comments Plugin for commenting. You have probably encountered the Facebook Comments Plugin on various blogs and news websites. You can also use it for commenting articles in our EasyDNN News module.


Main Functionalities 

How many times have you come across an interesting discussion somewhere on the Internet that you wanted to join, but decided against it because you would have had to register on the site first and then sign in? Perhaps it was too much effort for that one comment you wanted to leave. It has happened to me many times. EasyDNN Simple Forum is an excellent solution for this problem because it allows Facebook users to leave comments without additional effort. Therefore, commenting is really easy, you just have to be a Facebook user.

What other things can this module do? It provides you with all the important functionalities that you can find on classic forums. You can organise topics into categories and you may even assign colours to them. Only registered users may create topics which is a good thing because those who want to start a new topic must become registered members on your website. There is another way to get your users to register on your website. You can make the content of certain categories and topics visible only to registered users. When talking about interesting functionalities, we also need to mention permissions. You can determine which DNN role may see which categories and topics and who can add new topics. Thanks to permissions, you can have a closed forum not accessible to everyone. Moderation and comment approval is possible in the Facebook application.


Let’s also mention the search option through own search and integration with the DNN search. We have implemented all advanced SEO techniques so that your discussions can be well indexed by search engines. You can find the complete list of functionalities on the Product page.

A good user experience is crucial for a module whose main users are not the website's administrators but visitors. EasyDNN Simple Forum is a lightweight single page application meaning the pages are not refreshed when switching to new topics or categories. Thanks to its responsive design, forum is also easy to use on mobile devices. We used modern technologies (goodbye webforms) to create it thereby ensuring long term compatibility with web trends and technologies.

Why Use EasyDNN Simple Forum

EasyDNN Simple Forum is an excellent solution when you want a quick and simple communication with the members of your online community, buyers, product and service users. This forum will enable you to create an online community on your website in a very short time. It will also allow you to communicate in a way that suits you and your users. Installing and adjusting EasyDNN Simple Forum module is simple and, within 5-10 minutes, your website can become enriched with this powerful communication channel. There is no lack of ideas for further development and improvement. We are anxiously awaiting your feedback. Demo is availabe here.   

How to Obtain EasyDNN Simple Forum

Just like all our modules, you can purchase DNN Simple Forum at the DNN Store. If you wish to try it out before you purchase it, you can download a free trial version from our website. In addition to individual purchases, the module is a part of the EDS Theme & Module Collection. This collection contains all our products, including 7 professional DNN themes and 6 of our popular modules with the enterprise licence. Purchasing the collection may save you a lot of money in comparison to purchasing individual products. Our buyers who have purchased the collection with an active subscription and received this module free of charge can confirm that purchasing the collection is well worth it.  

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