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Really smart solution for encoding and playing of videos on DNN

All of you who have had the need for publishing videos on your web pages know that the successful display of self-hosted videos actually isn’t a trivial task, not at all. The reason is in a large number of formats and resolutions in which a video can be, and on the other hand in a large number of mobile and desktop devices which can or can't show that video formats and resolutions. The best compatibility is achieved with mp4 .h264 video format which is supported on the majority of newer mobile devices, but here we may encounter some problems with older devices. Additional problems can be found when video upload depends on less experienced users who find encoding videos to a particular format not an easy task to perform. Users would rather upload a video in any format they have, but unfortunately that format will not be displayed on most of the devices.

As an alternative to self-video hosting, there are video services such as Youtube or Vimeo. They encode your original video in more different formats and resolutions and according to the detected device with which a user is accessing the page, the version which this device can play is then displayed. To get approximately 100% compatibility of your self-hosted video, it is necessary to do the same with the video that you’ve uploaded. Considering that the video encoding is really demanding for resources, especially for a CPU, that scenario is quite hard to perform for the majority of average web site owners who can’t afford an expensive infrastructure. But what if Youtube or Vimeo aren’t an option for you?

Now we have a great solution for you. From now on, our modules (EasyDNNgallery, EasyDNNnews integrated with EasyDNNgallery and EasyDNNrotator) support the integration with Wistia video hosting. What does it mean? It means that from now on you can directly upload videos in our modules, and the modules will send videos to Wistia which will encode them to different versions necessary for successful playing of videos on different devices. Also, all of the different versions of your video will be hosted by Wistia what means savings in disk space and bandwidth of your hosting account.

Wistia offers a free plan for the placement of up to 50 videos. If you need more than this, for $25 a month you can get the hosting for an unlimited number of videos. Here you can find out more about Wistia hosting plans. Of course, Wistia is not only video hosting service but also a video marketing tool which enables additional advantages.

As already mentioned, the integration with Wistia is supported in our EasyDNNgallery, in the EasyDNNnews module when using the integration with EasyDNNgallery module, and in our EasyDNNrotator module.


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