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Will these 5 principles ever rule the world?
General Nikolina Varga

Will these 5 principles ever rule the world?

Triggered by the things and people I see as the ones that rule the world I have to stop and ask you and myself what inspires them. Because there are a lot of people who are driven by good stuff such as environmental, social or medical problems. But in today’s world, I see a lot of people who are driven by some principles such as money. That’s why my today’s topic is principles.


According to Wiki, a principle is a law or rule that has to be, or usually is followed, or can be desirably followed, or is an inevitable consequence of something, such as the laws observed in nature or the way that a system is constructed.

Or to make thing simpler, principles are a part of our inner ethics, so we can easily say that they are the source for certain codices and norms.

Each man can be a winner if he or she sticks to the principles and in such a way he or she will help others. We can think of principles as the main settings of human society because they are very thrall and can be found in each person. They are deep, profound truth.

You have to stop being contradictory to achieve success, meaning that you have to harmonize our vision with business mission.

So there are 5 principles that everyone should be aware of:

·         purpose

·         pride

·         patience

·         persistence

·         perspective


Although it sounds like someone’s goal in life, the purpose is incomparable with goals, because goals are usually concrete, and purpose is usually time invested in some action in your life. We can easily say that purpose is a path that each individual chooses for him or herself. It’s a life path which we follow and the reason why we stand behind our own actions and words. The purpose is an image that each man has about himself or herself, the kind of person they want to become or a way of life they want to live.   


To be faithful to your purpose means you can be content and in harmony with yourself knowing that you’ve made the right choice. However, if we neglect our life purpose and we do something that we know isn’t right, then you will definitely feel bad. No matter the excuses or apologies.

If you are guided by your own conscious, then you are capable of standing in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eyes, and be pleased with yourself. Regarding companies, this purpose always comes from CEOs. The soul of the company has to be its own management. Their vision and purpose need to be defined by the values and goals of the board of directors.


Besides all the above, the important role of all businesses is treating your employees and associates with respect and integrity. It will certainly influence the quality of their work. Working in an unhealthy environment can greatly impact, if nothing more, your motivation to work. And people who are unsatisfied with their jobs will search for another solution. The same way as the support and understanding from colleagues and bosses can lift you up.


Pride is defined as a feeling of great satisfaction with yourself and respecting yourself in the whole. To understand your life purpose, you have to believe in yourself and your abilities. People with a healthy dose of self-esteem have more energy and power to do what they know.


It is normal that humans feel good about themselves. Unfortunately, some people have too much or too little pride. All that can influence ethical behavior because too little pride runs to doubting yourself while too much runs to stuck-ups.

Stuck-up - A person who believes he or she is superior to others. Often times show rude, snobbish behavior; arrogant.

When we are driven by the thought that we are always right and that we should take all the credit, then this becomes the rule of our lives. We begin to separate from our personality and other people. On the other hand, there are people who don’t have self-esteem or they don’t have it enough. Those people don’t have enough trust in their judgment. As a result, they are driven by the fact to search for acceptance and love in others. They don’t want to be distinguished, but they find themselves different because they aren’t able to resist the pressures of others.  People who doubt themselves, listen to others too much, and the stuck-ups listen to others too little. Although people who doubt themselves think of themselves as less worthy and stuck-ups as more worthy than others, both behaviors come from the lack of self-esteem.

All of us need confirmation in life. We need someone to tap our shoulders and tell us that we are on the right track. If we have someone to praise us, to encourage us or to take care of us, then we will know to appreciate others.

People need to take responsibility for the state of mind they are. Develop self-esteem and pride but keep your balance.

The same thing happens in your business. If people have negative feelings about their jobs, some patterns of misbehavior will occur. People who feel appreciated will resist the temptation to do something unfair. Colleagues need to have a positive relationship with themselves and do whatever they are doing for the company, to keep pride. Feedback about their jobs is the best motivation for successful work. When the evaluation is present, and people receive insights into their work, they know to which direction they should go.


When making choices people want to get confirmation that they’ve done the right thing. But the problems occur when they want it immediately. It is difficult to have patience in the world of instant satisfaction. The fact that our world is fast-going is supposed to make us re-discover the importance of our faith and the consequences of our behavior, over a period of time.

When people have patience, they have a different perspective on life, but it is important to understand that you don’t have to always and immediately get what you want. 

Patience is faith that everything will work out well. You are supposed to stay calm about things that are happening around you.

When talking about patience in businesses, it means that your values and credentials are right for a longer time.  Businesses usually fail when they have an emphasized intolerance for reaching goals. To be successful you need to have faith that through a period of time you will accomplish planned goals.




Never! Never! Never!

Never give up!


Winston Churchill



Persistence means that you shouldn’t give up on your point of view. It means that we should keep the commitment that we have set and that our actions need to be directed in accordance with our principles.

We need to know the real difference between commitment and interests. People often do something only because they have some kind of personal interest in it. But then again, they often find excuses for something they haven’t done, and they were supposed to do. Once we accept to do something, then we need to see the result, no excuses. So, we are talking about persistence, not attempts to do something.  


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