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New Galore theme in the collection

Dear DNN users, with a great pleasure we introduce you the Galore, our new DNN theme (skin). After several months of our team work, we proudly present you our new product. Galore and Ozone are our best DNN themes until now, made from the scratch by our team to best suit your needs.

Let me briefly introduce you the Galore and all its possibilities. The Galore brings all the modern functionalities and advanced themes but also some unique features. Like most of the modern themes, the Galore is also fully responsive. We predefined 10 different styles for you, but the possibility for individual creation of your own styles is one of the best parts around the Galore story.

Create new styles with StyleWizard

If you have already familiarized with our themes or the EasyDNNnews module, then you probably know our StyleWizard module. This module does not only enable basic changes in a few colors, but it also enables editing of the complete CSS theme in a simple way, with no need of knowing the CSS code. Whether you are an advanced user who knows CSS very well or you are an absolute beginner, with the StyleWizard you will be able to adjust colors, fonts, borders, shades and everything else according to your needs. All predefined styles that come with the Galore were created by using StyleWizard module. We additionally enriched the StyleWizard with some new options for the Galore.

New Mega Menu module

We have developed the new Mega menu module which becomes the part of our collection. We are talking about the advanced mega menu module for which you can choose pages where you want to use the mega menu and where the classic menu. It is possible to add HTML content in the menu on several positions (above, below, left and right). Also, it is possible to choose 3 widths of the menu (full width, page width and normal).

Variety of functionalities and options

From a technical aspect, the Galore is a Bootstrap based skin and currently the latest version of Bootstrap (3.2.1), HTML5 and CSS3 has been used. The Galore supports wide or boxed layout and it brings several different home pages with currently 6 different headers. There are a lot of elements and predefined pages (Contact us, Our services, Our team, Testimonials…). The Galore can be used for the classic web with pages and subpages, but there is also a support for the One Page sites.

Create pages identical to our demo pages very fast

In just a couple of minutes you can create a completely functional copy of our demo web pages with a help of portal templates that are delivered with the Galore. Not only the pages will be created but it is also possible to load dummy content and to have modules (blog, events, catalogue, gallery, real estates…) configured and ready to use. Of course, here we are assuming that you have our modules which are necessary for these functionalities.

The development of multifunctional DNN theme (skin) which is intentioned for sale is complex and long term work and it requires a lot of knowledge and experience. We can proudly say that the Galore is designed and developed from the scratch by our in-house team. Also, the StyleWizard module for editing CSS is our own solution. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my team for the unanimous work and concern to manage this project.

For us, the Galore story still isn't finished since we have developed it on our own, and we will continue upgrading it with a help of feedbacks that we receive from the users.

How to get the Galore skin

The Galore skin can be purchased as the part of EDS Theme collection. It means that besides the Galore you will get 4 other additional skins (Vision, Firefly, Triumph and Ozone) which are the part of the collection. The price of EDS Theme Collection is $149.95 and it includes an enterprise license and a yearly subscription to new skins. If you decide for the complete collection which includes all the themes and all our modules (EDS Theme & Module Collection) then the price is $599.95. It also includes a yearly subscription to new themes and new module versions in the collection. EDS Theme & Module Collection can be purchased on the DNN store.

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