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New EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection 17 – the fastest way to build a DNN website
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New EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection 17 – the fastest way to build a DNN website

EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection is a package where you get all our DNN modules, themes, and tools at a great price. Currently, the collection includes 12 DNN themes, 8 very popular DNN modules, and several tools that will make your work easier, faster, and more profitable. Our collection allows you to create professional DNN websites in no time. With our collection, it's possible to create a fully functional DNN website in just 15 minutes. How to do it? Find out in this article.

What's new in EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection 17

EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection has just reached version 17. If you are an existing collection user, you are most interested in what is new in version 17. We have good news for you. We added two new products to the collection – two very modern DNN themes.



As always, with our DNN themes, you can style them with StyleWizard. There's also BlockBuilder, a powerful drag-and-drop page builder that lets you easily create pages and add elements and content.

So, what's new in EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection?

New themes:
NewsDaily DNN theme - demo site


NewsEntertainment DNN theme - demo site


What do you think about them? Are these among the most modern and beautiful DNN themes? We have ten more DNN multipurpose themes in our collection.

New Module Versions:
EasyDNN News 11.9
EasyDNN Gallery 11.8
EasyDNN SocialStream 2.3
EasyDNN Rotator 10.9.3
New Tool Versions:
EasyDNN BlockBuilder 2.1
EasyDNN StyleWizard 5.1


A fully functional DNN website in just 15 minutes? Yes, it is possible. There are now 12 DNN themes in our collection. Each theme has its demo site with different layouts and features. Do you need a website for a business, an organization, a government agency, or a church? Or maybe you need a real estate website, business directory, advanced blog, or professional news website? You can find all that on our demo sites.

It is important to know that our demo sites are not just designs. Our demo examples are functional because our modules perform the functions you see on the website.

Let's explain this with the example of our new NewsDaily DNN theme. The demo site is not just a design showcase. Follow our instructions, and after about 15 minutes, you will have a fully functional news site where you can start publishing your articles right away. We provide you with a robust CMS solution for publishing articles that can compete with large and popular news sites. 

How to make a copy of our demo websites?

We have developed a method (import templates) that will allow you to create a fully functional copy of our DNN theme demo sites in about 15 minutes. We have video and text instructions that are easy to follow.

You can find the instructions here.

Main advantages
•    You don't have to start from scratch.
•    An excellent starting point.
•    The modules are configured based on the examples in the demo sites. This lets you better understand how things work and customize the configuration to your needs if the out-of-the-box solution doesn't suit you.
•    You can choose from 12 DNN themes.
•    You'll save a lot of time.
•    You'll be able to deliver solutions faster than before.

What you get in the EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection:

12 DNN Themes


8 DNN Modules


4  EasyDNN Tools

That makes a total of 24 products in EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection 17.

Also included: 

•    Import Templates
•    Enterprise License
•    One year of free upgrades (new product versions in the collection and entirely new products)
•    Customer Support

How and where to buy EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection 17?
You can purchase the EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection from the DNN Store

Where can I download new product versions?
You can download new product versions from the DNN Store under the "Patches" section if your subscription is active.

What level of support and collaboration do you offer?
We offer free support to all our users through our helpdesk, and we also offer premium support if you need that kind of support. We are also open to other long-term collaboration and support models.

Your products are excellent, but what if I need something additional?
In such cases, we can offer you the development of the functionalities you need. Please get in touch with our support.

Can you configure a website for me according to my specifications?
Yes, of course. Please contact our support.

Can you develop a custom theme for my project?
Yes, of course. We have an experienced team that can develop a custom theme for you or modify one of our themes to a greater or lesser extent. Please contact our support.

Wide Range of Applications

The products in the collection can be used in many ways and for solving different needs. For the best insight into what is possible with products from EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection 17, visit our demo page. Everything you see on the demo page can be achieved with EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection products.

Visit the EasyDNN demo page

Buy EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection 17 from the DNN Store.



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