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EasyDNNgallery & EasyDNNnews – upload, encode and host videos on Vimeo

If you are concerned about the compatibility of your videos on different mobile and desktop devices, then using Vimeo for encoding and hosting of your videos is the right solution for you. The best is that a video can be uploaded directly from the module and it will send the video to Vimeo where the video will be encoded and hosted.

When surfing websites you have for sure noticed problems with reproduction of videos on different websites, especially from mobile devices. It is because all video formats and resolutions aren't supported on all devices. If you want maximum compatibility, you will encode your video to mp4 (.h264) format, but that won't be enough for the full compatibility on different devices.

It was also hard to miss that videos from sites such as YouTube or Vimeo are displayed without any problems on almost all devices. It is just because the original videos are encoded in more different versions. When you access such a video, a type of device by which you are accessing is detected and the best version for your device is displayed. 

EasyDNNgallery now supports the integration with Vimeo. In other words, the module can be adjusted so that the video, after being added to the module, is automatically sent to Vimeo where it will be encoded and hosted. The video stays visible in the module and available for all works as it was placed on your server. If you have Vimeo Plus or Pro plan, you have the privacy option in Vimeo at your disposal, so you can turn off your videos from displaying on and allow their displaying only on websites that you approve yourself.

Besides standard users’ accounts, Vimeo offers also Vimeo Plus and Vimeo Pro plans and it's up to you to choose the appropriate plan for your business and needs. The prices are really reasonable.

EasyDNNgallery and Vimeo can be the right solution for your videos. If you use the integration of the EasyDNNnews and EasyDNNgallery module, then these advantages can be used in the EasyDNNnews module.

Earlier on it was possible to integrate to Wistia and now you can choose between Vimeo and Wistia

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