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EasyDNNgallery 6.0 has been released (now with Gravity gallery)

EasyDNNgallery 6.0 has been released (now with Gravity gallery)

It is our pleasure to announce the release of a new version of EasyDNNgallery. The new version 6.0 brings so many new functionalities that they could suffice for an entire new module. Yet all the new functionalities serve merely as an add-on to EasyDNNgallery's existing functionalities. Let us see what's new in version 6.0.

Gravity gallery

The biggest news in this version is the new Gravity gallery. Gravity gallery is a next generation gallery display. It can be used as a classic web gallery or as an advanced community gallery with support for the social features of DNN platform. The new gallery brings together the best features of displaying and managing multimedia display on web pages. Gravity gallery can display images, as well as play video and audio files.

Gravity gallery

Administrators will enjoy the gallery's enhanced configurability, whereas visitors and users are provided with an enriched experience of browsing and creating multimedia content, commenting, rating, sharing on social networks and interacting with other users.

Gravity gallery is adjusted to be used on all kinds of computers and devices, and is fully responsive. It supports up to 4 levels of navigation (categories, galleries, items and details) in various combinations. The gallery's layout and design are defined by HTML templates and tokens, which will enable advanced users to edit their own layouts and designs. The gallery currently comes with 2 predefined themes, with several more themes currently being developed.


Let's also mention the popular masonry layout and infinite scroll paging. Next, there is support for geolocation and the location's photo display on the Google map. Another feature is a detailed display of exif data from photos. Gravity gallery also supports scheduled publishing of galleries and the draft mode for galleries. Instead of the classic Lightbox browser, there is the advanced SocialMediaBox which strongly engages users. The addition of RSS feed will also help you to share and promote your content.

Gravity gallery

As stated in the introduction, the gallery can be used as a classic presentation web gallery, as needed on almost every web site. However, Gravity gallery additionally excels as a social gallery for DNN. It can be configured to be used with DNN social features, so users can create their own galleries, upload their images, comment, rate, like, share on social networks… The overall experience is similar to what users have grown accustomed to at popular social networks.

Demo 1, Demo 2, Demo 3, Demo 4

Portfolio PRO gallery

Portfolio PRO is another new gallery display added in EasyDNNgallery 6.0. This display is intended for the presentation of portfolio-type content, such as team members or similar categorized content. It can display images and play embedded videos (YouTube & Vimeo). It provides support for nested galleries, Lightbox and full screen description.

Portfolio Pro gallery

Demo 1, Demo 2, Demo 3, Demo 4

Chameleon gallery

The popular Chameleon gallery display has been additionally enhanced in this version, so now it is fully responsive, too.

Chameleon Gallery

Demo 1, Demo 2

Other important news in EasyDNNgallery 6.0

  • Lightbox Portfolio gallery is now responsive
  • Slideshow with thumbnails 3 is now responsive
  • HTML5 uploader – the old flash-based uploader has been replaced by HTML5 uploader, so the items can now be uploaded even from mobile devices and tablets
  • RSS import (option to automatically import content from YouTube, Vimeo, Flicker…)
  • Permissions for categories and galleries (only for Gravity gallery)
  • Addition of Dashboard

However, the story doesn't end here. Our team is working hard on new enhancements and functionalities in EasyDNNgallery module, to be presented in the following months.

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