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What’s new in EasyDNN Maps 5.0

What’s new in EasyDNN Maps 5.0

EasyDNN Maps is an advanced Google Maps solution for DNN. The main functionalities include the creation of maps with markers, categories for markers, directions, Street View, store locator, and integration with posts from the EasyDNN News module. In the new module version, we have improved the module and added two new significant functionalities: creating routes; and import/export functionality for markers, categories, and routes.


In EasyDNN Maps 5.0, you can add customized routes to Google Maps. Once you have set the From and To locations for each route, you can add waypoints to direct your route through the places that you want. The appearance of the routes can be adjusted according to your needs. You can select the color of the route, use custom icons for From and To locations and waypoints, add descriptions, and adjust the behavior of the info bubble for each location. Routes can be displayed by default on the map, or users can turn them on in the Routes widget.


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Export and import markers, categories and routes

Until now, it wasn't possible to export data from your map, so it was necessary to re-create markers and categories for every new map. With this module update, the possibility of importing and exporting markers, categories, and routes is now available. Exported data can be imported to another instance of the maps module on the same site, or transferred to another site.

How to Get the EasyDNN Maps Module

You can download a free 15-day trial version of the module from our website. You can purchase a commercial version of the module from the DNN store, individually or as a part of the EasyDNN Theme & Module Collection. If you have a valid subscription, you can download EasyDNN Maps 5.0 from DNN store > Patches.

We’ve explained all functionalities of the Maps module in this article.

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