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The Ultimate Revelation of Successful Communication

The Ultimate Revelation of Successful Communication

The creative process of creation isn’t still completely clear to people, so it is important to use all possible ways to create and combine. Let the solution be a probable consequence, not exactly measured value. In a creation process, everything is possible and everything lies on curiosity, motivation, imagination, combination, luck, and talent. All our abilities need to be activated and focused on the most important part of communication: the creation of new ideas and information.

It is necessary to step away from routines, dogmas, and outdated formulas. You should learn how to think logically, and stylishly express yourself.



For us to present some information or assumptions to others, we need to express them in a way that is understandable to others.  Connect the information to other verified things in which people believe and give it a higher level of convincing. For argumentation to work it is necessary to establish some important facts:

1.     Argumentation is a contemplative - communicational process in which one who wants to convince others in the correctness of his or her statements, needs to know logical scheme which is the main part of valid thinking, and know the competency of the people to whom they are talking to.

2.     For argumentation to function, both the speaker and the recipient should have logical culture, i.e., have leveled degree of social-scientific and professional experience.

3.     By business communication, argumentation overcomes the logic boundaries because convincing is established by numerous means, not only syllogistic ones.  Since we don’t want for ideas and facts to be transferred only by verbal communication in the business world, it is necessary to know other socialized forms of expressing thoughts and feelings if we want to cooperate with others, plan, sale things… 

Each bigger human activity has its rhetoric as a foundation of successful communication. The main goal of the rhetoric is to describe the phases of the complex action as accurately as possible, and great attention is focused on clarity and precision of expression. Each businessman has to educate him or herself for successful communication.

Imagine a marketer with no knowledge of A/B testing, pay-per-click, CTR, etc. or a web expert without the knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, or SQL.

Let me introduce you to a convincing person…


Good communicator needs to know figures of speech with the help of which the language expression is deepened. Figures of speech can define unusual speech constructions that lift the expression to the artistic level. Some of the most characteristic figures of speech necessary for business communication are metaphor, personification, alliteration, anaphora, allegory, allusion, euphemism, hyperbole…

Besides the qualities of verbal communication in the whole communicational process, you should consider your kinetics, space, and non-verbal communication. To be precise, think about the speed of your reactions, physical space you give your interlocutors, and non-verbal communication. That’s why we are always emphasizing the importance of knowing the culture of business communication which comprehends a lot of forms of social and individual behavior.

Few important principles for successful communication

They are:

  1. Principle of clarity. The message must be transferred in the simplest possible way. Clear is the one who uses clear sentences, familiar words, and expresses his or her thoughts in such a way, so interlocutors can easily imagine it. This speaker doesn’t transfer his or her thoughts in parts, but they express them as a whole.
  2. Principle of brevity. This principle suggests a moderate number of messages or information that we intended for our interlocutor. You shouldn’t exaggerate with information. Brief messages are often clearer and more easily registered than wider messages followed by irrelevant additions. People who talk too much or too little than it is expected in an average conversation, leave an impression of inconclusiveness; they form a doubt within their interlocutors that they are covering something up.
  3. Principle of content boundedness. Interlocutors expect each one from the other to stay at the subject of the conversation. If you are talking to someone about the importance of having a website, then you aren’t going to suddenly start talking about the crash of the internet. Focus on what's important.
  4. Principle of accuracy. We should check the information before it is transferred to the recipient. We have a lot of misinformation in today’s world, so you must check information, especially in the business world.
  5. Principle of shaping. The right form in business communication is the structural part of the interaction process.

Work, communication, and thoughts are gathered into one unique and unbreakable creative human activity in which people are emancipated.


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