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Need help with your DNN-based website?

Need help with your DNN-based website?

Our company has been active as a developer of DNN modules and themes for over a decade. We have lots of experience with creating DNN modules/themes and providing customer support. Our team is also very experienced in building various types of websites. We pay attention to user experience, SEO, and performance optimization. Our team is at your disposal and can help you with various things on your DNN website.

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Below, you can find out more about all the services we offer. We are interested in long-term cooperation, but also in smaller one-time jobs as well. You can hire us very easily by purchasing premium support hours on the DNN store, and for larger projects, we can arrange different conditions.

Services we offer

Note: For all the services we offer, you can use the premium support hours that can be purchased on the DNN store.

Premium customer support

You can get priority support for our products by purchasing premium support hours. Premium support hours guarantee a faster first response time (within 12 hours), but in most cases, it is faster. Also, these premium hours are required if you need remote support or priority bug fixing.

Installations and upgrades of our DNN modules

We offer installation of our DNN modules on your website as well as the service of upgrading older versions to new versions.

Configuration of our DNN modules

We can add our modules to your website and configure them to work the way you need them to. You can find many implementations of our products on our demo site.

Installation of our DNN themes

We can install our DNN themes on your DNN website. We can also import website (portal) templates and create a copy of a demo site with any of our themes.

Customization of our DNN themes

You like some of our DNN themes but want to tailor them to your brand and your needs. No problem, our designers and web developers can do it for you.

Adding new features to our DNN modules and themes

Our products are what you need but lack some specific functionality. There is a possibility to add new functionalities to our products, so please send us an inquiry describing the feature you need.

Building DNN websites based on our DNN theme and modules

Do you plan to build a new website for yourself? Or are you an agency building websites for clients? Our EDS Theme & Module Collection contains 10 professional DNN themes and 6 modules with a multitude of functionalities, which is a great starting point for a new website. Since we are very familiar with our products, we can develop quality and modern websites based on them in a short amount of time. Of course, we are not limited to only using our products.

SEO audit of DNN websites

We can do an SEO audit of your DNN website and suggest changes to the site that will improve your SEO.

Performance audit of DNN websites

Website performance is an important factor for a great user experience, and very slow websites can often be ranked low on Google. We can check your website and detect problems. In our experience, small tweaks and tricks are usually enough to speed up a website’s performance considerably.

DNN website accessibility audit

We can do an evaluation of how well your website supports the needs of users with disabilities (ADA Compliance) and suggest actions to take in order to fix the issues.

DNN CMS upgrade

Our team has extensive experience with upgrading DNN. We offer an upgrade service, but also an evaluation of possible problems and how to solve them.

Other services available on request

If you need any other services not mentioned here, you can send us an inquiry.

All of our services can be used by purchasing premium support hours, which are available on the DNN store. Purchased hours can be used within 24 months of the date of purchase, and before buying, you can ask us how many hours you need.

Contact our support team / Buy premium support hours.

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