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Must-have of every website

Once you’ve decided that there is no way forward without a website, you should be aware that there is also a quality of the website you need to take care of. That’s why we suggest things you should know if you are familiar with web development and web design but also what if you are completely new to it all.

Never-the-less you must know what the site should look like even if you aren’t doing it yourself. What functions it should have, what it is supposed to do, what are its goals, what information should it provide etc.


Must have of every website:

1. Easy to find contact information

A website is another way for you to present yourself. That’s why you have to list all the information about your company in a visible place on your website. This place has to be easily located and well organized. It should contain your name, field of work, address and contact number, and email address. I usually use email as a means of communication, and then if no one responds I have to be interested in getting information to grab a telephone.

 But there is one interesting fact that I’ve discovered about contact forms on websites. A lot of contact forms that I use function just all right, but there have been many times when nobody responded. I was surprised but I thought, hey if you don’t want to sell anything then it is fine by me. But then my boss advised me to send emails directly to the company because he noticed that their contact forms aren’t working a lot of times. And there are a lot of different reasons for it, but this is a subject for another blog post. Think about that. Think about the mass of potential customers that ask for information, and when they get no feedback, they forget about it. Where’s the problem? In not having a great website with good contact information.


2. A well-structured site map

A site map is a list of pages on a website accessible to crawlers or users. Users need to have a well-structured site map to get all their information organized and easily navigated. This kind of organization saves you a lot of time and by time, when you’re a business owner, I mean money. All this enables you to quickly and simply change all that you need with easy access to it.


3. Easy to use UI (User Interface)

This is the place where a human meets a machine, to be precise, where the interaction between those two occurs. Meaning that your design must be customer-oriented. Of course, UI applies to hardware such as pc mouse, keyboard, screen, but it also applies to software that you are in charge of when making a website. It’s all about helping a user to accomplish its tasks as simply and efficiently as possible.



4. A fluid layout
A well-structured site map is important for your navigation and management through the pages, but a fluid layout is extremely important for your customers. The same as customers need to find contact information and basic information about the company, visitors must find other information you provide. If you are a proud website owner, and you are selling a product or a service, you need to be organized. Have the privacy policy in a visible place, all the information about your products, and interesting and verified things about your field of business or your business.


5. No flash

Adobe Flash is an outdated technology that was used to displays text, vector graphics, and raster graphics to provide animations, video games, and applications. It was widely installed through computers with the purpose to display the listed multimedia. Nowadays, you mustn’t allow yourself to limit your business by requiring Flash. There are so many good CMSs,  so you can’t go wrong even if you want it. Just take our DNN and EasyDNNgallery that provides you the best solution for publishing images, videos, audios. No flash or any other installation required for your page visitors. None not so ever. 

Few strategies of a proper website

But once you’ve started to struggle with the website, nobody is telling you that you should stick with the basics. 

-           aim for your goals

First thing’s first. You need to be aware of what you’re doing on your website. What do you want to achieve, to what direction to you want to go? If you’re still not sure about it, you should discuss it and only start working when you are certain about it. The website has its function that should be honored, so this is where you need to start.

If you there to deliver news, write interesting and useful blogs, promote your products, services, or have a webshop, then each of these requests requires a different approach, different web design. Check out these two different designs and approaches for different aiming of websites.

Website designed for a webshop:



Web design for blogs:



-           create central content

Once you’ve set your goals, you have to think about the central content that will make you recognizable in every situation. Before you go any further, it is important that you identify your audience. There are a lot of things that can influence your design, such as age, gender, profession, and technical competency. Design your central content with the brand image and surround it with the color that you think will best present your brand.

Your central content should consist of your logo, brand image, and basic information, all tied up in special and useful design.  

-           consider the next step

Since you already know the importance of the website, you should check No.2 on your marketing plan. What do you want to achieve? Is to increase sale? 20% or 30%?  Maybe you want to expand the list of your followers?

It is up to you, just follow your plans, and don’t forget to measure it so you can have a sense of it, and you’ll know exactly when you have achieved them.  Develop the marketing communications strategies and tactics you’ll use. I have emphasized the importance of quality business communication over and over, and I am still doing it. It takes you to develop a skill, and the skill is the possibility to talk to people in such a way they listen to you.

Also, money-makes-the-world-go-round is present here. The expenses and prediction of your expenses should also be one part of your marketing plan. Of course, that money predictions are the thing that you start with but with all the worries on your mind, you mustn’t forget about business investments and money flow in the future.

 -          advertise yourself

Share your content on more channels, and expand your audience in such a way, and by the audience I mean customers. The same as this article has sharing buttons on its site, your every publishing should be present on top social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn… And don’t forget to show a little bit of personality!

If you need help from starting from scratch you can contact us via email addresses or But on the other hand, if you feel like you know enough about web development and web design, you can try with our great modules EasyDNNnews for perfect publishing of blogs, news, articles, EasyDNNgallery for images and EasyDNNrotator for great sliders. And if you want to locate your business, you can use our EasyDNNmaps module, which displays article locations, events, real estates, and others. This is just the top of on iceberg in the great world of EasyDNN products.


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