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How to start using the psychology of sales?

Since your main goal is to sell products or service it is necessary to put yourself in customer’s shoes and think about the things they would want or not. What does a customer think about and what things run through their head from the moment they realize they need your product or a service until the time when they actually make a purchase.

When talking about the psychology of sales, there are a few facts you should consider. The first one would be that people are actually confused when offered a lot of options. To be precise, offer them a concrete developed product. Yes, shrink their options. 

Have you ever thought about the fact that people actually like paying for things?


Maybe it sounds crazy, but in the end, human mind functions in such a way. When they know that they’ve paid for something then they consider this to be valuable. Because, how can something that’s free be good? Why would anyone work for a little money or for free? And if they do, if they work, that is something of poor quality or even worse. Do you understand what I want to say?

Also, people on the other side are more afraid to spend some more money than to put effort into making more money. They always expect that there will be someone who will take away from them, ask them to pay something, an electricity bill, gas bill, taxes…  For most of the time, money doesn’t go to the buyer, it always manages to escape somewhere so people are used to fight for every penny. Any process in which people have to leave money requires them to question each stake. That’s why when someone offers them e.g. incomes for purchase, it is difficult for them to believe such thing so we have to approach them very carefully and give them a lot of time when offering something like this.   

The sales process is actually a compact cake made of many layers and these layers are content, behavior, approach, engagement, consciousness, and trust.


If you leave out some part when making this cake, it will still work and be good, but it won’t be perfect, and that is what we want to achieve. When we say that someone is honest or that they function by the rules of business ethics then we think that the communication is going on in the best possible way and be certain that this individual or this company will succeed. We know that in each business there is a personal gain present and people rarely do something for general well-being. The ethical part implies to a concrete realization of goals for which we are responsible to the other side. In such a way we get the importance and trust that gradually creates us, regular customers. 

The process of sale starts when the customer becomes aware that he or she needs some product. After that follows a search for what they need to find what best suits them, a finally the sales happen. Our task is to get inside this process to ensure that the customers buy our product. 

Since we are talking about the presence and advertising on the web, the most important image is definitely your website. The first thing a man sees is your home page, so be sure to know how important is to pay a lot of attention to it. Show people that you are a real organization meaning that you show them your references, some of the comments regular buyers give just to gain a certain confidence when they testify about the satisfaction of others. Explain that there are real people in the real company who can give them confidence. People like to get to know people they will do business with because this soothes them.

Try to make things as easy as possible for them to contact you. Let there be some kind of a form on the home page through which people can contact you or send you an inquiry.  In such a way you are sending signals that you are always present and that they can reach you whenever needed. Also, the last but not the least thing is to create an enchanting, suitable visual website design. Something that will scream – look at us, we are here, approachable, trendy and most of all functional. 

The important thing is to tell your story. 


Let that be in the shape of an e-book that will be placed on your website, let there be a story about you that will have a suitable rich title that will get the customer interested to spend the time to your creation and your essence. Promote your e-book through blogs, posts, and all social networks so people can understand how you succeeded and how much you are dedicated to what you do.  This will motivate people to voluntarily leave you their contact addresses so you can inform them about important things, actions, offers and similar. When people see that you’ve started with just an idea and they realize that they can also change something, they engage in the cooperation more easily.

This should motivate you to make the best of your website, and that’s why we’re here – to offer you the best modules for making the perfect website. EasyDNNnews for publishing articles, blogs, events, EasyDNNgallery for publishing image, video, social galleries, EasyDNNrotator with different sliders and rotators, EasyDNNmaps for simple adding of Google Maps to your site and of course, for updated newsletters, campaigns and subscription EasyDNNmailChimp.

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