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How to build a business empire with bon ton

In every business career, the important part is good business behavior. Bon ton also means good tone and it is defined as a group of rules for good behavior in society and every society member should be aware of them. Bon ton teaches us how to behave, express, look, communicate, gesticulate and other things on nearly every occasion.

So, some behavioral rules are basically very old, but they have been adapting through ages to different times, situations and social changes.

Business bon ton is the smallest possible investment in business life and usually, it doesn’t cost a thing, but it is always presented as a significant factor in reaching every profit. It is visible through different fields of business communication, whether verbal or written.

The rules of good behavior in verbal communication discover how the business success depends on your ways of conversation. Bon ton is the full responsibility for given words. Behind everything we say, everything we write, stands a person who represents themselves in their own way.


Eternal rule: “Treat others the way you want to be treated!”

So, the thing that comprehends business bon ton represents a system or a structure of accepted conventions which are voluntarily accepted, nourished and developed. These are behavior rules, manners, addressing, clothing, principles, behavior in public places and other.


Good and cultivated appearance isn’t necessarily a guarantee for business success, but the negligent, inadequate and inappropriate appearance will cast a shadow to even the brightest career. The external looks represents a combination of hygiene and the basic human and business shaping which anyone can achieve. A suit will not make a man, but it will help in making the first impression.

business style

Imagine a situation I found myself in. I bought this excellent skirt and shirt for my high school reunion and I wanted to share my enthusiasm with my friend. Since she’s never heard about this brand before I wanted to show her what they’re like. They arrived in Croatia last year and I decided to show her their web page, but then I was ashamed. Can you imagine being over-enthusiastic about the relatively new store with great clothes to see that the way they present themselves equals to embarrassment? And you can guess her reaction? She said that if she saw the websites first, she would never step into this store.


Manners are certain rules of behavior that are learned and gained. Personal innovations and creativity of an individual have been enabling the transformation according to time and social flow. Good manners mean a high level of self-control and control is a sign of matureness, understanding and respecting others. Your attitude is a skill, not only for communication to others but also for representation of your own personality in public.


The basic rule for behaving is a good relationship towards your working place and equipment and everything that makes a successful business coexistence with colleagues in a working environment. Respecting arrangements is an important element of respecting the business ethics. If you want to impress people you should think about things that leave the impression of a quality businessman or woman. Some rules are to adequately accost your interlocutor, use “magic words”: “please”, “thank you” “sorry”, “excuse me” and give the impression as dough you’re expecting them and sending them off with a smile.


Man learns all his life. This “learning” represents every attempt of some man to be in harmony with time, and time is constantly changing. An expert should first follow the development in their own business field. You should always learn from people who know more because the world belongs to those who are curious and those who learn through action. All the gathered knowledge will return to you later. It is important to learn how to work and communicate in different situations and to “hold all the aces”.

A good business bon-tone that can contribute to making impressions in a business environment consists of a few important factors which are objectivity, honesty, posture and the right words. To summarize all this, we can make one impulse, that is, a community of I=integrity, M=manners, P=personality, U=understanding, L=looks, S=style & tactics and E=esteem.

business impulse

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