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eNewsCMS – powerful CMS solution for news websites

eNewsCMS – powerful CMS solution for news websites

eNewsCMS is everything you need to start and run a successful news website. eNewsCMS is a combination of powerful publishing software and premium service. It allows you to launch news websites in a short time and at affordable prices. Besides, an experienced IT team is at your disposal to take care of all your needs. We have been developing eNewsCMS for more than 10 years and it is a proven and mature software.

Powerful CMS for news websites

eNewsCMS is a powerful package of tools specialized in publishing, displaying and managing articles. In short, it provides editors and owners of news websites or blogs with everything they need to run their business successfully.

The main advantages of eNewsCMS

  • Professional CMS for publishing articles
  • Enables the development of news sites in the shortest time possible
  • Low cost of development and maintenance
  • Increases your revenue from advertisements and selling subscriptions
  • Easy to use (even non-technical people can publish articles)
  • Many configuration settings and options
  • Excellent SEO capabilities
  • Great customer support 
  • Solution proven on thousands of websites
  • Continuous software development (10+ years)
  • Your dedicated team to take care of every aspect of your news website

Turnkey news websites

We can be your IT team. In short, we can say that we offer fully managed news websites or managed websites at the level you need.

The main services we offer

  • Consulting services
  • News website development
  • Design service
  • Development of new functionalities you need
  • Technical support
  • Education and training
  • Analysis, recommendations and improvements

In other words, you do not have to be a technical person for your news publishing business to work well. With us, you are in good hands.

Main functionalities of eNewsCMS

Article publishing

  • Easy-to-use article publishing interface
  • Gallery manager (built-in galleries)
  • Main article image
  • Document management
  • Link management
  • Map manager
  • Article manager
  • Quick toolbar
  • Scheduled publishing
  • Article drafts
  • Featured articles
  • SEO settings
  • Import RSS feeds
  • And much more

Options that give webmasters full control

  • Granular permissions for authors and visitors
  • Custom permissions per posts
  • Filtering and sorting of posts
  • Paid content
  • Reusable content
  • Multilingual content
  • Interface localization
  • Workflow
  • And much more

Different types of views

  • Article lists
  • Article details
  • Magazine layout
  • Masonry layout
  • Content blocks
  • Filter menu
  • One-page blog
  • Calendar
  • Category menu
  • Archive display
  • Tag cloud
  • Widget for latest articles
  • Widget for latest comments
  • Widget for related articles
  • Slider and ticker for displaying articles

Design and styling

  • Pre-built themes and templates
  • Easy customization of out-of-box themes
  • Custom design

Good ways to engage site visitors

  • Integrated commenting system
  • Facebook comments
  • Disqus comments
  • Integrated forum with comments
  • Search
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Related articles
  • Widgets (most popular, most commented, etc.)
  • And much more

Bring the audience to your website

  • Post automatically to social media*
  • Social media icons
  • Open graph tags
  • Twitter cards
  • RSS feed
  • Automated digest emails
  • All the necessary options to use the best SEO practices
  • And much more

Recognition of authors

  • Display authors name and photo of the author
  • Display authors biography
  • Contact form
  • Filter articles by authors
  • Authors menu
  • And much more

Ads management

Increase your advertising revenue. Sell advertising space on your website. Place ads in different places on your news website or within articles. You can have your own banners, Google Ads and similar advertising platforms.

Content available only for subscribers

eNewsCMS allows you to make all or part of the content available only for registered users or paying subscribers.

Cross-portal sharing

Our eNewsCMS allows you to share articles across multiple news sites within the same installation without having to re-add articles. You can have a group of news sites that you manage from one place.

Automatic sending of newsletters

An integrated newsletter system that allows automatic or semi-automatic sending of new articles to subscribers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Advanced Google Maps

eNewsCMS allows you to add Google Maps with points of interest to your articles. You can also create interactive maps where each point of interest is linked to a post. Ideal for travel websites and the like.

Event Manager

eNewsCMS also offers event management. You can publish events, enable free or paid registrations, send reminders and much more.

Based on DNN CMS

eNewsCMS is a solution built on top of DNN CMS. DNN CMS is a popular and very powerful open source CMS used by hundreds of thousands of companies and organizations worldwide. The fact that all the functionalities of a full-fledged CMS are available to you means that you can easily expand the functionality of your news website. Your news website can be extended with features such as classifieds, business directory, real estates, e-commerce, etc.

For whom is eNewsCMS intended?

eNewsCMS is primarily intended for small and medium-sized publishers who want a professional publishing tool and website without having to spend a fortune on development and maintenance. eNewsCMS is a professional, reliable and affordable solution.

Is eNewsCMS reliable?

Yes, eNewsCMS is a very reliable and proven solution that has been used to power thousands of websites worldwide for many years. The software has been developed for more than 10 years and is therefore very mature.

Demo examples:

Would you like to see eNewsCMS in action? These are our demo websites: Demo 1, Demo 2 See also the screenshots at the bottom of this article.

Many other possibilities and functionalities that we have not mentioned

The list of possibilities and functionalities of eNewsCMS is really huge. In this article we have mentioned only the most important functionalities. If you have any questions or want a demo, feel free to contact us.

Partnership or cooperation

Would you like to resell our service? We are open to various forms of partnership or collaboration. If you are interested, send us an email with a short proposal.

Your new news website is a matter of days

Do you need a new, modern news website that can compete with the best? You can get it all quickly and at a great price. Contact us today at 


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