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EasyDNNnews 7 - complete solution for Event management

EasyDNNnews 7 - complete solution for Event management

Event registration, new URL provider, masonry layout

For some time now, we have been developing and enhancing the event management in the EasyDNNnews module. If you are a current user of the EasyDNNnews module, then you are well familiar that some articles can be published as events. Current possibilities have involved the possibility of event creation, adding start and end date, creation of recurring event, editing each event from a series of recurring events, adding an event location with Google Map. Events could have been shown together with all the other articles or separately in the article list and also in the simple and advanced calendar.  

Besides well-known EasyDNNnews module features like categories, tags, custom fields, advanced search, documents, galleries, commentaries, the EasyDNNnews is a very powerful Event management tool for DNN.

Event registration

In version 7 we have significantly improved the Event management.  The eagerly expected possibility of event registration is finally here with numerous advanced options. We should mention the registration possibility for registered as well as unregistered users, invitation and reminder sending, advanced management of subscribed users, custom forms for registration, to determine a period when the registration is possible and many other (the complete list of all the novelties is at the bottom of this article).  


EasyDNNnews URL provider 2.0

In version 7 we are representing the new URL provider which will completely clear article links from any kind of parameters. In version 1.x all the parameters from the links were removed but at the end of the link the URL number was added. With the new URL provider there are not any numbers at the end of the links anymore. If you are using the old URL provider, you can upgrade to the new provider. Your old links will still be available, but with a help of the 301 redirection they will be redirected to the new links that do not have numbers at the end. The redirection 301 is used for a permanent redirection of links and it does not have a negative impact on SEO.

Masonry article layout

Besides classical article lists, now it is possible to show the articles using the popular masonry layout. (Pinterest Like Grid).

Let us mention that in the version 6.5 which is recently published we added 3 new themes – Vision, Firefly and Triumph.

The SocialMediaBox Lite

If you are using integration with the EasyDNNgallery module then from now on, for displaying pictures within articles you can use our SocialMediaBox Lite, Lightbox-like image pop-up viewer. The SocialMediaBox Lite is optimized for displaying on mobile devices and it is possible to use it with the Lightbox and Chameleon gallery.

Event registration – list of all the new functionalities in version 7

  • Possibility of registering users to events
  • Possibility of registering registered and/or unregistered users
  • Managing of registrations
  • Determining a time period in which registrations are possible
  • Possibility of unlimited registrations or limitation of seat number (attendants)
  • Determining minimum and maximum number of seats which a user can register
  • Possibility of creating custom forms for registration
  • Global permissions for an event registration or separately per event
  • Advanced system of invitations and reminders per event
    • Adjustable predefined email templates
    • Selection of users to which  invitations and reminders are sent
    • Determination of sending interval
    • Possibility of creating unlimited number of invitations and reminders per event
    • Insight into the status of sent invitations and reminders
  • Advanced notification system during registration
  • Adjustable predefined templates for sending notifications to an admin, an author or a user who has registered to an event
  • Double-opt in check during the registration of unregistered users
  • Interface for registration management
    • Manual user adding
    • Creating invitation and reminders
    • Editing user data
    • Moderating received registration with a possibility of declining registration
  • Displaying the list of registered users (the possibility of limiting  it to a security role)
  • Modern pop-up registration form optimized for mobile devices
  • Enhanced HTML template, new tokens necessary for the event registration (Register button, number of free seats, number of subscribed users…)
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