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Are you a man of ethics?

Are you a man of ethics?

Back ago when I was at the colleague, my final thesis was about business communication and how it is important to include ethics in it. I decide to use it as a guideline for my today’s blog to point out that our business relies on ethics. Where all humans and we expect to be treated as humans. And finally, if you include moral and ethics in your businesses, it really doesn’t cost you a dime, does it?

What is ethical?

Ethics is a study of moral, and the name comes from Greek ethos which means customs, habits, character. It tells you how you're supposed to live, what to do and how to be. With it, we ponder our moral activity to get to know our own morality and the way it fits in our lifestyles.

The moral is defined as a gathering of non-written and written rules that affect human activity.

Though in everyday life people mix-up ethics and moral, ethics could be understood much wider, viz. it is a worldview of commonly accepted habits and principles on which are based positive norms of social and personal behavior. Ethics explains to us what is moral and acceptable, and what isn’t. Ethics teaches us what moral action should look like because it is necessary for an individual and for a whole community.

One of three major approaches to normative ethics are the virtue ethics, deontology, and consequentialism.

The virtue ethics is based on the person who acts. It emphasizes the individual’s character:

  1. The obligatory to do something
  2. The will to do something
  3. The final point of the work

Human virtues are kindness, bravery, wisdom, faith, love, simplicity, modesty, honesty, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance, gratitude, neatness, justice, faithfulness, and ethics points us to act towards those moral values.

At the other side, we have the approach which emphasizes duties or rules (deontology) or which emphasizes the consequences of actions (consequentialism).


Business ethics

When we say that someone is honest or we say that some company works with business ethics, then we think that it communicates to its surroundings in the best possible way.

In business ethics, there are two points of view, two perspectives: ethical and business one. Ethical perspective starts with moral values such as honesty, justice, reliability, law, and obligation, everything that can be presented as “good” or “correct” in a moral way. Business perspective goes from economic values: gain, profit, costs, price, efficiency, and competitiveness. The crossing point of these two criteria, moral criteria and criteria of economic efficiency is a subject of business ethics.

In one sentence we can describe business ethics as a behavior in harmony with moral rules in business surroundings.

Also, business ethics is trying to reveal how to increase the moral and ethical level of business, especially in situations where someone wants to avoid ethical approach.

People often don’t stick to business ethics and the main reason for it is that a person doesn’t see business interest in ethics. Combining two terms, business and ethics you get a definition of justice or natural business.

Business ethics is tied to interaction and its main purpose is to complete tasks for others in such a way that the other side compensates some of our needs. So business ethics at its very beginning represents double satisfaction, of goals and needs. In business realization, almost nothing is done for general wellbeing, but there is personal benefit present. So, a business subject has to realize the needs and goals of others, but at the same time stay honest and ethical to themselves.

In business realization, almost nothing is done for general wellbeing, but there is personal benefit present. Ethical view in the business world is pointed to the concrete making of overtaken goals for which we are responsible to another side.

Bebek B. in his book “The business ethics” says that business ethics is a way of designing, assembling, communication and presentation of business in simultaneous harmony with spiritual, sociological, biological, natural laws of human and their environment

Ethical business communication

To act in cooperation with the business ethics we have to be aware of its importance and then start to create the foundations for ethical behavior. So, each time you start to communicate with your partners or customers, remember to respect them and their ways in order to get a harmonious relationship. As we said in Non-verbal communication in business, the communication is also made through your website, in written words, so remember to always use business ethics and for designing website – EasyDNNsolutions


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