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A warm Christmas story

There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self.

Aldous Huxley

When I was a little girl, I came across a notebook sponsored by the Red Cross and on every second page was a famous quote. But the quote that I've used for the introduction to this text has carved into my memory. 

You have to start somewhere in changing the world. Secretly, you’ve always wanted that the ones that are changing are others, but when will you realize that the only thing you can change is yourself?

Recently I saw a movie about a famous composer who followed one dream and eventually, this dream became his life. The question is, what motivated this man to revive the goal that he set for himself? Everywhere around us, we can see a lot of successful people telling us what to do to have a successful life. And the most intriguing is that lots of times others have to remind you that everything starts with you.

The story in the movie is a dream come true. It is about a boy, Vincenzo who witnessed something that changed his entire life – he heard a musician playing the violin. Since this day on, he was on a mission.  Luckily, he had a good and dedicated teacher who gave him an advice that will follow him over the years to come.



“Opus isn't what we do but rather the legacy of who we will become.”

It all starts with the law of attraction, and this law has to work with your heart. It means that you need to visualize your goals, and furthermore, emotionalize them. The faith in yourself is the main thing that drives a person. If you want something badly, then you will get it. The law of attraction tells us that everything we want, give and the way we react will return to us someday.

Sometimes you just have to stop for a minute, calm down your troubled spirit and ask yourselves: How do I feel? What do I want from my life?

positive thoughts

Once you become aware of it, you’re already halfway to reach the goal. In life, you have to work in harmony with your talent, skill, and inspiration.  Once you realize what you are, where you are and how you are, you have awakened your being.

Most of the solutions find you on our way to the goal, so you shouldn't get discouraged. Maybe you’ll never have a perfect plan, but you have to have work for it, and improvise.

You have to fight, deal with difficulties, but remember - each difficulty will teach you something new, so keep on moving forward. There isn’t a person who hasn’t done anything wrong in their life, but failure motivates a successful person. The only failure would be not to try. Finally, you have to be thankful for everything that is happening around you, because this is what makes you “alive”.

Every day we create some new habits that are consequences of our actions.  But the important thing is to act. 


Let me just for a second return to the movie about Vincenzo who made his dream come true although he had to face with great difficulty – blindness. People like that have to be an example for us to never give up in life.

Arouse the basic values in your life – truth, right action, peace, love and nonviolence, and the most important of it all, your inner strength. I can do better. I can do better. And I really can.

When I was writing this, a thought crossed my mind. Isn’t this a great Christmas story, full of hope and positive thoughts? But this shouldn’t be the case just for Christmas. We should be like that every day.


Both ways, Christmas, a time filled with hope, happiness, and giving is the best time to become aware of your possibilities. The EasyDNNsoulutions team wishes you a happy holiday season, and remember, you can achieve anything you want - believing in yourself.

We’ll be here, making sure that our products stay on top of things in helping you achieve the most successful business in the next year.

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