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EasyDNNnews URL provider

The EasyDNNnews URL provider enables rewriting default URLs of EasyDNNnews. It requires DNN 7.1 or higher and EasyDNNnews 6.0 and higher. The provider can be found inside of the EasyDNNnews module zip package.

How to install the provider

The same as any other DNN module (Host > Extensions). Once installed, it is automatically ON and ready for use.
Note: DNN must use the Advanced URLs mode. This option is on by default for all new installs, but if you upgraded DNN from an older version then you need to manually change in the web.config file the line humanFriendly > advanced.

In Admin > Site settings > Advanced URL settings is possible to additionally configure the provider, change a URL path, and switch on or off the provider.



How to uninstall the provider

The same as any other DNN module (host > Extensions)

Important note: If the provider is uninstalled and installed again, URLs maybe will not be the same as the first time.
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