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        5. Slideshow gallery with thumb - jQuery (images)
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        16. Slideshow gallery with thumb2 - jQuery (images)
        17. Slideshow gallery with thumb 3 - jQuery (images)
        18. DNN blog integration
        19. Chameleon gallery (supports images+video+audio)
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DNN 9.2 Compatible Versions of Our Modules and Themes

EasyDNNsolutions 0 2487 Article rating: 5.0

DNN 9.2 brings a lot of breaking changes and old versions of our modules will not work with it. In DNN 9.2 more than 500 API methods are removed, while jQuery, NewtonSoft, Sharpziplib, Client Dependency, etc. are updated. We’ve completed adjusting and testing our modules with the latest version of DNN. All our modules and themes are now compatible with DNN 9.2. At the same time, we preserved backward compatibility to DNN 6.2.

New versions of all our DNN modules

EasyDNNsolutions 0 1715 Article rating: 5.0

We've just released new major versions of all our modules: EasyDNN News 9.0, EasyDNN Gallery 9.0, EasyDNN Rotator 9.0, EasyDNN MailChimp 9.0, EasyDNN Maps 4.0 and EasyDNN Simple Forum 1.5. In each module, there are significant additions and improvements. You can read about them in this article. We want to especially emphasize the new EasyDNN Maps module that has become an extremely powerful solution for Google Maps in this version.

Everything about the upgrade of our modules

EasyDNNsolutions 0 4139 Article rating: 5.0

All our modules have a certain period of time after the purchase in which the new versions are free. The duration of this period depends on the license of the purchased product. After the free upgrade period, the existing licenses can be renewed with purchasing the renewal versions. The renewal versions are more affordable then the new licenses, and they include 365 days of free upgrades for all versions (standard, professional and enterprise).

Create a powerful DNN web site in just a couple of minutes

EasyDNNsolutions 0 3780 Article rating: 4.8

Did you know that in just a couple of minutes you can create a DNN web site enriched with options and with configured functionalities like blogs, events, catalogues, galleries and sliders, or maybe even with functionalities like real estate or property listing web site? Yes, our EDS Theme & Module Collection enables you exactly that.

Event management with EasyDNNnews module

Complete event management solution for DNN web sites

EasyDNNsolutions 0 6058 Article rating: 5.0

Do you know that the EasyDNNnews module is an advanced event management solution for DNN sites? During the last couple of years, the EasyDNNnews module has imposed itself as the most popular blog and article solution for DNN/Evoq sites, but except for the publishing of classical blog or news articles, the EasyDNNnews module enables publishing of events and the complete event management. We have been working a lot lately on the enhancing of the event management, so version 7.2 of the EasyDNNnews module rounds the event functionalities with the possibility of receiving payments for events.

EasyDNNnews - New gallery functionalities within articles

Integration: Gravity gallery in the EasyDNNnews 7.2

EasyDNNsolutions 0 3116 Article rating: 5.0

If you want to impress and engage readers of your blog posts by displaying galleries within articles, the new gallery functionalities will come extremely handy. Because, except of the modern display which is brought by the Gravity gallery, now it is possible to comment, share, like or rate each single item.

8 out-of-box themes in the EasyDNNnews 7.2

EasyDNNsolutions 0 4225 Article rating: 4.6

In the version 7.2 of the EasyDNNnews module we added the new Ozone theme with a variety of templates and 10 predefined styles and now the EasyDNNnews comes with 8 out-of-box themes. The newest Ozone theme is a modern and beautiful theme that will perfectly fit in the majority of web sites. It is also possible to stylize it according to your needs with a help of our StyleWizard module. The examples of Ozone themes can be found at the bottom of this article.

Wistia integration in EDS modules

Really smart solution for encoding and playing of videos on DNN

EasyDNNsolutions 0 2773 Article rating: 5.0

All of you who have had the need for publishing videos on your web pages know that the successful display of self-hosted videos actually isn’t a trivial task, not at all. The reason is in a large number of formats and resolutions in which a video can be, and on the other hand in a large number of mobile and desktop devices which can or can't show that video formats and resolutions. 

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