Our services

We provide services of customization and implementation of our modules, as well as solutions based on our modules.

Adding Custom options and functionalities to modules

If you are using some of our products, or if you are interested in beginning to use any of them, and you are missing some currently unsupported option, just send us a description of the functionality you need. We are going to consider your request and provide you with an estimate.

Developing custom solutions based on our modules

However, there are projects where ready-made solutions cannot be implemented; instead, development is required. In such cases, our modules have proved to be an excellent starting point. Our models have been in constant development for a long number of years, and they provide users with loads of options and functionalities that don't require initial development.

We provide the development of advanced news portals, blogs, online directories, real estate sites and similar solutions, from the initial idea to the final product. Our team consists of capable, experienced designers, front-end and back-end developers, plus support personnel. When it comes to big and serious projects, we can provide a long-term cooperation and technical support.