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Lacking inspiration?

Lacking inspiration?

It was a while ago when I’ve read a text about copyright infringement and how people, when lacking inspiration, use other people's words and then they put their names at the end of it and claim it theirs. But why would anybody do something like this? Isn’t the only reason we are writing blogs, the need to be heard? To relive the situations and things and to find that there are others who feel the same, and also the ones that don’t?


Imagine that you can relive what this woman’s feeling. You can try to do so if she decides to use words to explain when and why she felt the way she felt. Maybe it will trigger some of your emotions, maybe it will evoke some old memories, but all that is yours and yours only. 

Use your own words

My opinion is solid about copyright infringement. Of course they should punish everyone who tries to do something like that. Why should an online text be any different than books, photographs, anything tangible? How would you feel if someone does this with your work? I have a lot of questions in this text and the only thing I can do now is to answer it myself, and then wait for you to give your opinion about it.

I wouldn’t want anything similar happen to me, I know that for sure and I wouldn’t want anybody else to experience something like this - to see their words signed under an unknown name. A part of me, a small part of me would definitely be proud because this would be an obvious evidence that my work is amazing and that somebody found it so reliable and authentic to make it as something they wrote. But this is just a moment, a glance, because after that you quickly realize that besides the part of somebody valuing your words, this someone is definitely not valuing you as a person. They didn’t even bother to mention you. It hurts, doesn’t it?

You’re not alone

I know that we’re always saying things like: if you want to be a successful blogger then you have to read, study, search, but also, give your best and succeed in originality. Find a favorite quote, favorite image, favorite part of a movie, but be brave enough to say who their creator is and tell the people why you have chosen this particular thing and what do you think about it and ask them to share their opinions with you. This time, I’m going to quote a famous American author Herman Melville, because he said everything I was trying to say through this text in just one sentence and if you ask me, he couldn’t say it better:

Herman Melville

My point is set. If you’re feeling the lack of inspiration, do what I do, write about the lack of inspiration.  smiley    But be sure to use EasyDNNnews to publish your thoughts, feelings and opinions – express yourself! 

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