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Is web design what makes a website?

Let me just start by saying that I’ve read a lot about web planning and web designing, checked a lot of web pages and the thing is that appearance matters, it matters a lot. It is ok if you use a friendly approach to your business just try not to be too friendly because you still represent a business. Of course, I’m not saying that other things aren’t important, because, let’s be honest, content is still a king of each web page and people who visit your web page are actually interested in your products and services but still, let me tell you a story.

The suit is what makes the man?

 For a long time, I've been asking myself this question. Actually, I think it all started when I was a child trying to be a grown-up and I started to read teenager's magazines, from time to time I would grab some magazine that my mother was reading and I remember that article like it was yesterday. Does the suit make a man? I’m not asking this question just to debate about fashion, but to see the importance of clothing when you are in a work-related situation. Is it true that people will have an opinion on you just by looking at you? Since I was a child, I’ve been instructed that your actions speak louder than your words, how then, it is possible that my clothing speaks more than actions. Or maybe more than words and actions?

If you ask the people from that magazine – yes.

The research included one store, one lady, and different clothes and makeup. She dressed in three different styles – business, casual and gothic style. Are the results obvious yet?

When she came dressed as a businesswoman, wearing a suit, a hat and designer bags with high heels, she was expected with full attention, the salesladies were all around her, offering her all the help she needed, and they were extra polite because her appearance convinced them that she would definitely buy something from that store.

The second time the same lady came to the store casually dressed. She had a pair of jeans and a shirt and some sneakers on and a bit lighter make up. Just remember that we are still talking about the same store with the same salesladies. When she came to the store, salesladies politely said hello and that was all. She was left on her own to check the clothes, to ask everything about it and finally with nothing to try on or to buy.

The real “fun” started when she came dressed in the gothic style. She had a long black wig with very distinguished makeup, a black leather coat and everything else she was wearing was black. The moment she stepped inside the store, the salesladies started to exchange looks probably thinking that they can do it unnoticed. Then they started to poke each other when finally one came closer and told her that there probably isn’t anything for her in this store but nevertheless she asked if she could help her. When she came out of the store, they were all acting the same and started to comment on the lady.

I hope that this is just a scenario back from the 90s but I think some things will never change. I would like to do this experiment once more just to see if something has changed but I think not. If I put three different pictures of people’s occupations, regardless of this article, most common people’s answers would definitely be: teacher, it technician and actress/singer.


Images: Pixabay

If you ask them what kind of people they are, they would point out some typical psychological description, saying that teachers are strict and hardworking, it technicians are introverted and clever, and actresses are outgoing and creative.

The same thing goes on in people’s heads when they take the first glance at your web page. Regarding the appearance of your web page, the most important for your web page is that people during the visit to your page ask for solutions for their problems/needs, so this content should be very accessible. Pay special attention to techniques that call to action and draw attention.

When designing for attention think of these elements:

  • Accessibility – as we already said, people buy for themselves and by making some things more accessible, you motivate them to make their buying decisions even faster
  • Visibility – eight designing factors any designer should always be aware of: sizes, contrasts, colors, placement, 3D effects, movement, boldness, space
  • Navigation – it places you in your place on a web page, shows you where you can go and the quickest and easiest way to go there
  • Imagination – you cannot even start to do something if you haven’t turned your imagination on. People mostly care about themselves so the first pictures they notice are the ones that should be the core of their interest which would also be the main offer
  • Check and feel – look for subconscious signs that point out the page quality which can be excommunicated through the brand, color scheme, types of faces and content

Show me!

Don't get me wrong, of course, that the first thing you need to focus on is the content which emphasizes the most important things, and says everything about what people are looking for, but don't just stop on saying what you mean – show it also. When do you know what to say the question that comes to your mind is how to do it? Visit and find the best way for you to express yourself!

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