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Event management with EasyDNNnews module

Event management with EasyDNNnews module

Complete event management solution for DNN web sites

Do you know that the EasyDNNnews module is an advanced event management solution for DNN sites? During the last couple of years, the EasyDNNnews module has imposed itself as the most popular blog and article solution for DNN/Evoq sites, but except for the publishing of classical blog or news articles, the EasyDNNnews module enables publishing of events and the complete event management. We have been working a lot lately on the enhancing of the event management, so version 7.2 of the EasyDNNnews module rounds the event functionalities with the possibility of receiving payments for events.


Adding events

The Easy DNNnews module enables you to publish articles as events. An event article is different from other articles by start date and time, end date and time and location. The location is added with a help of the built-in Google Map editor, and the map is displayed in article/event details.


Only these functionalities are enough if you want to publish an event. But, the EasyDNNnews module enables you so much more than that. So, it is possible to create recurring events which are repeated on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Additionally, it is possible to edit a single recurring event.

Event registration

It is also possible to enable event registration. The registration to events is supported with the variety of interesting options so it is possible to enable registration to an event for unregistered users and registered users, or only for registered users. There is an advanced system of invitations which will help you to invite your users to an event. The standard registration form can be expanded if necessary with custom fields. Then you can set a time period in which the registration will be possible, a number of available seats and the maximum number of seats a user can register. Optionally, each upcoming registration can require an approval. After registering to an event, users can be added to some security role.


Social events

Except for the classic registration, the social registration is also possible. It is different from the classic registration because it is intended only for registered users, and users then declare themselves whether they will or will not attend the event what is similar to events on social networks.



Receiving payments for events

Except for the registration to free events there is also the possibility to receive payments for events. PayPal paying or offline paying is supported. Besides defining the fixed price, it is possible to define prices for different types of attendees such as parents or children. Also, it is possible to define discounts for a bigger number of attendees.

Event manager

In the event manager it is possible to manage all the registrations, manually add attendees, export list of attendees in an excel file… Also, here you can adjust different parameters related to invitations, reminders, emails and payment settings.

Displaying of events

Created events can be displayed in the main news module separately or together with other articles. Besides in the list, events can be displayed in the simple and in the advanced calendar. When you use the integration with the EasyDNNrotator module then it is possible to display also events in one slider and rotator.




Main event functionalities in the EasyDNNnews module

Adding events

  • possibility of creating events
  • possibility of creating classic or social events
  • start date and time for an event
  • end date and time for an event
  • optional display of end date and time
  • all day event
  • possibility of adding location to an event with a help of the built-in Google map editor
  • possibility of creating recurring events on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly base
  • possibility of editing a single recurring event
  • possibility of event registration
  • possibility of classic or social registration to events
  • possibility of specification of number of seats
  • possibility of limiting the maximum number of seat a user can reserve
  • possibility of defining time in which the registrations are possible
  • possibility of event registration for unregistered users
  • possibility of event registration for only registered users
  • putting the users who have registered for event in a security role
  • optional approval for registrations
  • possibility of turning off further registrations
  • possibility of displaying attendants list
  • using additional fields during registration (custom field)
  • advanced invitations
  • advanced reminders
  • free or paid events
  • receiving payments through PayPal or Offline payment
  • fixed price or optional discounts according to the type of attendees (adults, children…)
  • bulk discount for more attendees

Event displaying

  • Displaying of events and articles together in the list
  • Displaying only events
  • sorting events per event start date
  • displaying of past events
  • displaying of events in the simple and advanced calendar
  • displaying events in upcoming events box
  • possibility of displaying events in the EasyDNNrotator module (separately sold)

  Event manager

  • possibility of editing events from event manager
  • possibility of editing attendees
  • possibility of manual adding attendees
  • possibility of editing invitations
  • possibility of editing reminders
  • displaying event list
  • adjusting email settings
  • adjusting default invitations
  • adjusting default reminders
  • adjusting payment settings
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