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EasyDNNnews 7.9 - One Page Blog and new Nova theme

The version 7.9 of the EasyDNNnews module brings two new interesting improvements. We now have One Page Blog functionality where whole articles are displayed in a list without the need to open details, and the new Nova theme.

One Page Blog

One Page Blog functionality enables displaying of whole articles including images, comments, documents, custom fields…  During scrolling of articles the link is changed in the browser so it matches the current article. Readers of the blog can choose articles from the side menu. There is also a special theme added for this functionality.

Check out the demo

How to adjust One Page Blog functionality you can read in our online instructions.

Nova theme

Nova is the new out-of-box theme in the EasyDNNnews module. It is a very trendy theme. Of course, it is responsive like all the other themes that come with the EasyDNNnews module. By using the StyleWizard module (comes with the EasyDNNnews module) you can stylize it by your desires without editing CSS. Nova is the theme that is compatible with our new DNN theme that carries the same name, but you can use it with any other theme just as well. To keep things simple, we suggest you to take a look at demo themes.

Nova - Blog 1

Nova - Blog 2

Nova - Blog 3

Nova - Blog 4 Modern 

Nova - Blog 5 Modern

Nova - Events

Nova - Events 2

Nova - Events 3

Nova - Events 4 Modern

Nova - Events 5 Modern

Nova - Events with maps

Nova - Masonry

Nova - Catalog

Nova - Documents & FAQ

EasyDNNnews can be purchased on the DNN store separately or in EDS Theme & Module Collection.

Free trial version can be downloaded from our site.
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