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EasyDNNnews 7.5 - new custom fields functionalities

EasyDNNnews 7.5 - new custom fields functionalities

We have just published the new 7.5 version of our EasyDNNnews module. The most significant novelties are the improved custom fields functionality, the HTML template editor and the possibility for unregistered users to register to events which require payments.

At custom fields functionality, new types of fields are added, article search is enhanced, the possibility for sorting and filtering articles per values in custom fields is added. Now there is the possibility for selecting the horizontal and vertical advanced search bar.

All about the custom fields functionality you can find out in this infographics.

To make the editing of article layouts easier, we added the HTML template editor. In this way you don't have to manually search for and edit templates on the server, but you can edit them directly from the module. Besides templates editing, templates can be backed up now, and if necessary, returned from the backup. Also, it is possible to download and upload templates directly from the module.

At the event functionality a new possibility is added for users who haven't registered to a website to register to an event which requires payment, and they don't have to register to a website before that.

All about the event functionality in the EasyDNNnews module you can learn from this infographics.

What's new in EasyDNNnews 7.5

  • major upgrade of Custom fields functionalities
    • the possibility of sorting articles per values in custom fields
    • the possibility of filtering articles per values in custom fields
    • new fields added: email, hyperlink, date/time, upload
    • new search fields added: Categories, Authors, Dates, simple search input, sort fields
    • horizontal or vertical advanced search bar
  • added HTML template editor
    • the possibility of editing and a backup of HTML templates (article list templates, article details templates and other templates) directly from the module
  • the possibility of event registration with payments for unregistered users
  • other smaller improvements and fixes

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