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What's new in EasyDNNnews 7.2
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What's new in EasyDNNnews 7.2

The EasyDNNnews 7.2 brings you a few very significant new features. Let’s mention the support for receiving payments through PayPal for the registration to events, the new modern Ozone theme and the Gravity gallery within articles.

The list of all the novelties in the EasyDNNnews 7.2:


  • the possibility of receiving payments for registration to events (PayPal and Offline payments) – read more


  • the new modern Ozone theme is addedread more
  • the Ozone is 8th in line theme that comes with a variety of different templates and 10 predefined styles
  • as by other themes, all the elements can be stylized with the StyleWizard module without any knowledge of CSS coding – see video

New gallery functionalities

  • enhanced integration with the EasyDNNgallery module – read more
  • modern responsive Gravity gallery within articles (EasyDNNgallery 6.6 is required)
  • the SocialMediaBox Lightbox-like media viewer that enables commenting of images, sharing, rating, liking
  • the possibility of opening galleries within articles on the specific page in the EasyDNNgallery – Gravity display
  • added SocialMediaBox for the Chameleon gallery within articles and the possibility of adding images to a specific page in the Gravity gallery

Other functionalities:

  • the Previous and Next button for navigation among articles

Examples of the Ozone themes:

Blog 1, Blog 2
Events 1Events 2
Real estate listingCar dealership listing

Other Ozone examples (examples of article listing):

Masonry layout 1, Masonry layout 2Masonry layout 3
Tabs layout
Gallery Slideshow
Multiarticle 1Multiarticle 2
Simpe 1Simple 2, Simple 3
Accordian 1Accordian 2Accordian 3

Gravity gallery inside articles - click here for an examle 

Next and Previous buttons in articles - click here for an example

Visit EasyDNNnews product page

EasyDNNnews can also be puchased as a part of the EDS Skin and Module Collection

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