Instructions: How to integrate EasyDNNnews and EasyDNNgallery modules

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For the integration of EasyDNNnews and EasyDNNgallery modules to be functional, all you need is to have both modules installed on the same DNN portal.

All settings related to the integration EasyDNNgallery module can be set up in EasyDNNnews module's settings (EasyDNNnews > Settings > 9. EasyDNNgallery integration)

  • Enable EasyDNNgallery integration
    If this option is selected, EasyDNNgallery is integrated with EasyDNNnews module.
  • Force defualt settings on all articles
    If this option is selected, settings determined here, in the module's settings, will be applied across all articles. If this option is not selected, it is possible to select a different type of gallery while adding each individual article.
  • Gallery display type
    Select one of the offered gallery types. The selected gallery type will be displayed in the articles.
  • Gallery position
    Select the gallery position in relation to article content. Bottom position means that the gallery will be displayed below article content, whereas Top position means that the gallery will be displayed above article content.
  • Fixed or Responsive layout
    Choose between fixed and responsive layout. Your choice depends on whether your DNN skin is responsive or not.
  • Gallery width
    Set the width of your galleries in pixels.
  • Gallery height
    Set the height of your galleries in pixels.
  • Image resize method:
    Choose the method of resizing images.
    • Resize and crop – crops the image to set value. The rest of the image will be cut off.
    • Proportional resize – resizes the image within set values of width and height. In this case parts of the image will not be cut off.
    • Resize and crop horizontal, proportionally resize vertical images
      This method combines the previous two methods, depending on the images format. Images formatted horizontally will be resized to set value, with the rest being cut off, whereas vertically formatted images will be resized according to set values of width and height.
  • Layout
    Select a predefined gallery layout.
  • Theme
    Select a predefined gallery theme.
  • Style:
    Select a predefined gallery style.
  • Users can only manage their own galleries
    If this option is selected, users can only manage those galleries they have added to articles. Other users' galleries are not available to them.
  • Users can only manage their own images
    If this option is selected, users can only manage those images in a Shared gallery they have added. Other users' images are not available to them.

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