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        1. Lightbox gallery (supports images+video+audio)
        2. Lightbox gallery with Caption Slider
        3. Lightbox portfolio gallery
        4. Slideshow gallery (supports images)
        5. Slideshow gallery with thumb - jQuery (images)
        6. Flash gallery (supports images and flv video)
        7. Video gallery (flv, swf, mp4, YouTube, Vimeo...)
        8. Video gallery 2 (flv, swf, mp4, YouTube, Vimeo...)
        9. Video gallery 3 with carousel thumbnails
        10. Audio gallery (mp3)
        11. Audio gallery 2 with thumbnails
        12. Image Slider 1
        13. Advanced Slide Show
        14. Image Carousel
        15. Vertical image carousel
        16. Slideshow gallery with thumb2 - jQuery (images)
        17. Slideshow gallery with thumb 3 - jQuery (images)
        18. DNN blog integration
        19. Chameleon gallery (supports images+video+audio)
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    3. EasyDNNrotator
    4. EasyDNNmaps
    5. EasyDNNmailChimp Plus
    6. EasyDNNsimpleForum
    7. EasyDNNmobileRedirect
    8. EasyDNNstyleWizard
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Go Social with DotNetNuke and EasyDNNsolutions modules (part 1)

EasyDNNsolutions 0 20359 Article rating: 3.7 has produced several widely popular modules for DotNetNuke, such as EasyDNNnews,EasyDNNgalleryEasyDNNrotator and others. We have enhanced our modules in order to support DotNetNuke's new options, and to provide our users with a top experience of social networking at DotNetNuke.

Go Social with DotNetNuke and EasyDNNsolutions modules (part 2)

How to set up the EasyDNNnews, EasyDNNgallery and EasyDNNrotator

EasyDNNsolutions 0 8131 Article rating: 4.7

The first thing you need to do is create a page within Activity feed where the EasyDNNnews module will be added. You can do this by clicking on Page management in Admin menu in DotNetNuke. Follow this by clicking the right mouse button at Activity feed in the menu and select Add Page(s).

How to produce an animated background of a web page with an EasyDNNrotator module?

EasyDNNsolutions .com 0 24335 Article rating: 5.0

From the 4.5 version of EasyDNNrotator module onwards, Chameleon rotator can also be used as a web page's background image, with all its standard functionality. It can rotate images, show thumbnails, redirect the user to a desired URL with a single click of the mouse, etc.

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