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Integration: EasyDNNnews, EasyDNNgallery and EasyDNNrotator

Integration: EasyDNNnews, EasyDNNgallery and EasyDNNrotator

All for One and One for All

The integration of EasyDNNnews, EasyDNNgallery and EasyDNNrotator modules is conceived as an advanced solution for publishing and display of articles rich with images, image galleries as well as with audio content. Each of these modules works independently of others – EasyDNNnews is used for publishing and display of articles, EasyDNNgallery is one of the most popular gallery solutions in DotNetNuke world, whereas easyDNNrotator rotates content such as images, video and HTML in one or more of its sliders or carousels. The combination of these modules provides advanced possibilities of multimedia display in articles, as well as an attractive display or articles on web pages.

EasyDNNnews and EasyDNNgallery

EasyDNNnews provides a possibility of creating a gallery within an article even without its integration with EasyDNNgallery module. However, if such integration is enabled, the possibilities of multimedia management (images, video and audio items) are significantly enhanced. To integrate these two modules, it is only necessary to have an EasyDNNgallery (minimum 4.0 release) installation at the same portal, and to turn on the integration with EasyDNNgallery module in the settings of EasyDNNnews module.


Benefits of integrating EasyDNNnews module with EasyDNNgallery module:

  • Option to select Chameleon gallery, Lightbox gallery, Video gallery and Audio gallery display from EasyDNNgallery module to be shown within an article.
  • Two new tabs (Shared and Custom) are displayed in Gallery panel, in the interface for article adding and editing.

  • Shared tab – represents a common gallery where you can save various images to be used in all articles. An image added to "Shared" is available to be used in all articles.
  • Custom tab – here you can select one or several galleries previously added to EasyDNNgallery. It is possible to add an entire gallery or by using a particular image's token add it to an article's content. Also, it is possible to select an individual image and mark it as a Main Article Image.

  • If more than one gallery have been added to an article, Lightbox gallery will display all the images together as a single gallery, whereas Chameleon gallery can organize multiple galleries as nested galleries.

  • It is possible to set up a unique display of galleries for all articles, but there is an additional possibility to select and set up display for each particular article. Thus, in one article you can use a Lightbox gallery and in another one a Chameleon gallery.



EasyDNNnews and EasyDNNrotator

EasyDNNrotator module provides an attractive display of articles from EasyDNNnews module in one of its displays. It can take over the content of articles from EasyDNNnews module and display them in a desired way. This process is automatic, so by adding new articles in EasyDNNmodule or deleting the existing ones, you also update the articles set to be displayed in EasyDNNrotator module.


EasyDNNrotator takes over the title, subtitle, main article image and article's content from EasyDNNnews.

  •  It is possible to select categories containing articles to be displayed.

  • The order of articles to be displayed can be set by various criteria.
  • The number of articles to be displayed can be limited.

  • It is possible to display only those articles that have been marked as Featured in EasyDNNnews module.
  • EasyDNNrotator can allow for permissions from EasyDNNnews module, which means that users will be able to see only those articles in the rotator that they are allowed to, according to permissions set in EasyDNNnews module
  • For each individual category it is possible to select the instance of EasyDNNnews module that will open on click an article's details.

If you wish to present your articles to your web site visitors in a dynamic and attractive way, you can rely on EasyDNNrotator. As the whole process of downloading and display of articles is automatic, EasyDNNrotator will save your precious time.



EasyDNNrotator and EasyDNNgallery

If you wish to present one of the galleries from EasyDNNgallery module in EasyDNNrotator, that is possible without having to repeatedly add the contents of that gallery to EasyDNNrotator module. 

All you need is to select in EasyDNNrotator a gallery from EasyDNNgallery, and it will be displayed in the rotator.


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