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How to use SocialMediaBox for images in the Journal
/ Categories: EasyDNNgallery, How to

How to use SocialMediaBox for images in the Journal

When the user publishes an image by using the DNN Journal module, it is visible in Activity feed, but in the previous versions of DotNetNuke so far it was not possible to click on the image and see it in full size. The EasyDNNgallery module solves this problem and allows the image to be opened in SocialMediaBox.


SocialMediaBox then fully shares functionality with the Journal. The image can be liked and commented, and the user who has published it can be sent a friend request or be followed.

In order to use SocialMediaBox with the Journal, it is necessary to add the EasyDNNgallery module to the page where the Journal is located.


Open Gallery settings of the EasyDNNgallery module and choose SocialMediaBox for DNN Journal as "type of display". If you wish SocialMediaBox to display thumbnails of other images published in the Journal, switch on the option Show thumbnails panel. Complete the process by saving the selected settings. SocialMediaBox is now ready to be used in the Journal.


>> Live demo <<
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