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        5. Slideshow gallery with thumb - jQuery (images)
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        16. Slideshow gallery with thumb2 - jQuery (images)
        17. Slideshow gallery with thumb 3 - jQuery (images)
        18. DNN blog integration
        19. Chameleon gallery (supports images+video+audio)
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Huge performance improvements of EasyDNNrotator module

Nikolina Bregović 0 1738 Article rating: 5.0

In times of responsive websites, visitors access websites with different devices and with different screen sizes. Let's take for an example a desktop computer whose screen width is 1920px and some mobile device whose screen width is 750px. It is clear that an image of 1920px width is too big for screening on a mobile device so it will be reduced. Although it will look good, the problem is that such an image has much more kb what makes loading of pages longer than necessary. The new version of the EasyDNNrotator module solves this problem. 

Wistia integration in EDS modules

Really smart solution for encoding and playing of videos on DNN

EasyDNNsolutions 0 2770 Article rating: 5.0

All of you who have had the need for publishing videos on your web pages know that the successful display of self-hosted videos actually isn’t a trivial task, not at all. The reason is in a large number of formats and resolutions in which a video can be, and on the other hand in a large number of mobile and desktop devices which can or can't show that video formats and resolutions. 

EasyDNNrotator 6.0 - Slideshows and Rotators for DNN web sites

EasyDNNsolutions 0 4843 Article rating: 5.0

Recently we have introduced EasyDNNgallery 6.0, and now we are proud to present the new EasyDNNrotator 6.0. We'd like to point out, especially for all of you who haven't yet become familiar with the EasyDNNrotator module, that this is a DNN module boasting a collection of attractive sliders and rotators that can be used at any web site. It can be used as a stand-alone module, but also as integrated with EasyDNNnews and EasyDNNgallery modules.

Go Social with DotNetNuke and EasyDNNsolutions modules (part 1)

EasyDNNsolutions 0 20470 Article rating: 3.7 has produced several widely popular modules for DotNetNuke, such as EasyDNNnews,EasyDNNgalleryEasyDNNrotator and others. We have enhanced our modules in order to support DotNetNuke's new options, and to provide our users with a top experience of social networking at DotNetNuke.

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