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EasyDNNnews 7 - complete solution for Event management

Event registration, new URL provider, masonry layout

EasyDNNsolutions 0 4978 Article rating: 4.5

For some time now, we have been developing and enhancing the event management in the Easy DNNnews module. If you are a current user of the EasyDNNnews module, then you are well familiar that some articles can be published as events. Current possibilities have involved the possibility of event creation, adding start and end date, creation of recurring event, editing each event from a series of recurring events, adding an event location with Google Map. Events could have been shown together with all the other articles or separately in the article list and also in the simple and advanced calendar.  

NEW - EDS Theme and Module Collection

A solution that lets you create DNN web pages in just a few clicks

EasyDNNsolutions 0 3242 Article rating: 5.0

It is our pleasure to announce to you our new product – EDS Skin and Module Collection. Skin Collection is our new offer, currently containing three new modern, multifunctional, responsive DNN skins. This number of three skins is going to increase with time, and this collection's purchasers will receive all the new skins published within a year from the day of purchase, free of charge.

EasyDNNrotator 6.0 - Slideshows and Rotators for DNN web sites

EasyDNNsolutions 0 4843 Article rating: 5.0

Recently we have introduced EasyDNNgallery 6.0, and now we are proud to present the new EasyDNNrotator 6.0. We'd like to point out, especially for all of you who haven't yet become familiar with the EasyDNNrotator module, that this is a DNN module boasting a collection of attractive sliders and rotators that can be used at any web site. It can be used as a stand-alone module, but also as integrated with EasyDNNnews and EasyDNNgallery modules.

EasyDNNgallery 6.0 has been released (now with Gravity gallery)

EasyDNNsolutions 0 4876 Article rating: 5.0

It is our pleasure to announce the release of a new version of EasyDNNgallery. The new version 6.0 brings so many new functionalities that they could suffice for an entire new module. Yet all the new functionalities serve merely as an add-on to EasyDNNgallery's existing functionalities. Let us see what's new in version 6.0.

How to simplify the interface for adding articles in EasyDNNnews

EasyDNNsolutions 0 4700 Article rating: 5.0

The standard interface for adding articles in EasyDNNnews module provides a wide range of options and possibilities. Yet, what to do when you want to simplify the interface for certain users or disable using certain functionalities? EasyDNNnews allows for the interface to be adjusted to DNN roles. Thus, it is possible for users in one role to have available all the possibilities that the interface for adding and editing articles provides, whereas users from another role can be denied certain options.

Changing the article author in EasyDNNnews module

EasyDNNsolutions 0 4364 Article rating: 5.0

In practice, it is often necessary for one user to add articles in the name of another author, or an article author's name needs to be changed afterwards. Selecting or changing an article author can be performed in the interface for adding and editing articles. This option is located at Advanced settings / Article owner.

How to use EasyDNNnews for different purposes at the same web site

EasyDNNsolutions 0 8048 Article rating: 4.9

One of the frequent questions our users are sending us is related to how to use EasyDNNnews module on multiple pages with different content. The answer is affirmative, of course, as EasyDNNnews module can indeed be used on multiple pages, with entirely different content and different settings for each instance of the module. Thus on one page you can use this module as a blog, on another use it just to show a few news items, on the third page you can use it for documentation, etc.

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